Three New Chinese Texts

Three new books added to our Chinese language section, a couple accompanied by video resources.  Today’s emphasis is on intestinal fortitude or, as some people say,  “internal style.”

internal martial arts booksWang Pei Sheng’s Nei Gong Xin Fan Tai Ji Quan
This book, compiled by one of Wang’s students, pictures Wang himself performing his movements with great precision. Diverse sections cover important practices such as the Eight Primary Energies, methods of footwork, etc. The VCD accompanying the text shows the 37 move form of Wu Tai Chi which Wang helped make popular. There is also a pleasantly informal section on Tai Chi Chin Na, with some effective throws and not a little amount of joking.

Chen Family Hong Branch Tai Chi Boxing
This book/DVD package is from that special branch of Chen Tai Chi known as Hong Jun style, a form that emphasizes grace and Chin Na moves. The book is accompanied by a DVD packed with information: complete instruction on a 24 manner set, two person practice in the form of both Push Hands and applications, basic Chi exercises, and a bonus Short Stick set. The book itself offers complete instruction in the 81 move Long Form, with clear photos illustrating each move.

Xing Yi Strong Body Practice (Xing Yi Qiang Shen Gong)
Xing Yi is one of the strongest styles with a unique exploration of the relation between shape and movement. The very name of the style reinforces this idea. This unique book takes this balance quite seriously, adding strength to the mixture. Lin Jian Hua’s approach is to combine action and position, almost like a Qigong, to find exactly the correct posture for each move, and demonstrates this in very clear breakdowns throughout the text.

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