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NOTE: Please be aware that we only have one or two copies of some of these. Many aren't even in print any more. Even if it is listed here it may already be out of stock (we'll try to keep it updated but they may go fast).

Tai CHi book in chinese

Tai Chi 100 Leg Breaks TC159  
By Sun Guo Xi
$12.95 Traditional Chinese Characters;
264 Pages Softbound - photographs

This book gives exhaustive techniques against kick attacks. Dozens of foot attacks are dealt with in good photographs and breakdowns of the movements. In addition the book starts with a lot of training methods and devices including weighted spear shaft, hanging double balls, punching bag, and bare-handed partner practice. Many of the actions start with “shelving” a technique where you catch the leg on the retraction or after the assumed moment of impact.
Note: This book has a different cover from the simplified version.


Tai Chi Chuan Health & Self Defense TC150
Wang Pei Sheng
$15.95 Traditional Chinese Characters; 315 pages, hundreds of illustrations

This is the Chinese edition of Wang’s Wu Tai Chi book, one of the first books ever written in English on this style. We have a good number of students who like to collect editions of the same book in the mother tongue and English. Re-opening this text, I was reminded of the fine illustrations not only of the form postures but the applications, some of the clearest of their kind. Just as a side note, for years I would tell people that this was the best book written on Tai Chi. The reasons are simple. Wang's book actually describes what you should FEEL in each of the poses. The then gives an application for each and every movement. He also often mentions which acupuncture points should be affected by what movements.


Direct Lineage Wu Dang Tai Chi Chuan, Chen Tai Chi's 2nd Form - A403
Li ShouJian
$17.95 Traditional Chinese Characters; 192 pages, reprint of rare book

TThis is the work of Li ShouJian who studied with the Yang family under Yang Shao Hou. This method was not Yang Chen Fu’s Large frame style but a small frame style with emphasis on tight movements, explosive power, and firm, deep execution. After this Li ShouJian studied under a Wu Dang monk named Miao Lian (mysterious lotus) for eight years incorporating the Wu Dang secrets into his Yang style form. Years later this book was written and has been republished a few times in the last half century. Besides great old photographs, of a form some “like” the Yang Chen Fu version but much tighter and with some definitely different postures, this book includes material on key points of TCC, unusual yin/yang diagrams, complete breakdown in old photos (this set looks like what one might get by crossing Wu and Yang styles), Push Hands training, 18 Wu Dang boxing moves and cavity striking.


Pao Chui, Chen Tai Chi's Second Form TC431
顧留馨 Gu Liu Xin from Chen Zhao Kui

This book starts with origins of Chen Tai Chi and its spread along with special characteristics. Then it focuses on a description of Pao Chui that takes over 250 pages. Chen classic drawings and the Tai Chi classics along with some comments round off this extensive text.

$21.95 Traditional Chinese Characters; 447 pages,

Shi Diao Mei's Tai Chi RecordsTaiji Records 太極拳譜內外功研幾錄 - TC326
by Shi Diao Mei 施調梅
$19.95 Traditional Chinese Characters;
340 pages, Softbound, Photographs, Font in hand written calligraphy

Some of the older books on Taiji were labors of love. Here is a nice book, with too small photographs, but well done with much information, the Taiji Solo exercise, Push Hands and the Taiji sword. Shi Diao Mei was, among others, the teacher of the Vancouver Shifu Tchoung Ta Tchen. Shi was also head of a police academy. He learned "old Taiji" from Tian Zhao Lin who in turn studied from Yang Shou Hou AND his father , Yang Chien Hou. Originally published in 1959, this is the 2006 edition.

Sections include:
Mr. Yu Youren ( a famous leader in the civil war and a KMT leader) photos of his practice, forward by Qian Da Jun, forward by Zhao Lung Wen, forward by Wang Taosheng, forward by Mrs. Xu Ji Hua , forward by Shen Zong Han, inscription by Du Dian Ying, poem by Xu Che Xiu, author's preface
Origins of Chinese boxing including Xu clan notes
Chang San Feng's posthumous writings
Wang Zong Yue's Taiji Classics
Understanding the 13 Powers
13 Powers poem explained
Poem of Striking explained
Taiji diagram
The Taiji Sword pictured and explained


Chen Tai Chi Defense with Ma Hong

Chen Style Tai Chi SELF DEFENSE - TC223
by Ma Hong
$14.50 Traditional Chinese Characters;
280 pages, Softbound. Illustrations. 1993.

This book is really one of the better ones for Chen Tai Chi applications. The reason is simple: all the illustrations are taken from photographs of Ma Hong himself demonstrating the usage of the different moves of Lao Jia. Besides the excellence of Ma Hong's applications the illustrations are good enough to show Reeling Silk energy and correct body angles. Chock full of information with over 515 illustrations!


This book also available in SIMPLIFIED characters .

Wu Tai Chi with Wang Pei Sheng

Wu Style Tai Chi - TC222
By Wang Pei Sheng
$32.50 Traditional Chinese Characters;
560 Pages Softbound - photographs

This is the BIG book of Wu style by the world famous practitioner, Wang Pei Sheng. Basically it has everything. Tai Chi 37 set (developed by Wang himself), Wu Tai Chi sword, saber, Push Hands, applications and a very interesting set with 16 postures and ten methods for controlling the mind. Wang, essentially a Tong Bei stylist, was the developer of the shortened Wu style and the author of a fine book on the subject. He considered himself a theoretician as well as a fighter and the book has copious notes on the underlying principles of the art. Limited supply.
Read about Shifu Wang Pei Sheng.


Chen Tai Chi with Feng Zhi QiangChen Taijiquan Special Selection - TC129
by Feng Zhi Qiang
$18.95 Traditional Chinese Characters;
267 pages, illustrations and photographs, softbound


The photos in this book show Feng himself performing the set. It's not unusual in martial books to draw in arrows to indicate the next motion. However, some clever Art Director got the great idea of graying in the curve inside each arrow adding a strange schematic quality to the otherwise good book. After introductory comments Feng shows some standing forms with active opening and closing Qigong as preparations for Taiji. As always his style encourages the reader toward large, expressive movement when the outside and inside must cooperate—one of Feng's real contributions to Taijiquan. Next are basic warm ups but, once again, with his distinctive emphasis. There are particularly geared toward Reeling Silk Energy. After showing fundamental hand forms the rest of the text explains a 48 movement form based on the Lao Jia of Chen style.

Lion Books of Taiwan

Wu Tai Chi by Wng Pei ShengChen style Tai Chi Chuan Lao Jia A428
by He Hong Cai 何宏財
$24.95 Traditional Chinese Characters;
139 pages, color photographs

This is a beautifully photographed color representation of the Chen Taiji Lao Jia set as it is practiced in Taiwan. These teachings from one of Taiwan’s best Chen instructors, Du Yi Ze, or Du Gong, continue the instruction from Chen Yan Xi the father of Chen Fa Ke. This is actually the version of the Chen we practice and, though it has little of the extended postures and more expressive movements of much modern Chen Taiji, it does contain a solid and smaller frame version which harkens back to such pre twentieth century forms as the Chen Small Circle and the Thunder Style. This is because Du was said to have studied from Chen Yan Xi, the father of the famous Chen Fa Ke. A nice presentation.


Wu Tai Chi by Wng Pei ShengA427Wu Dang ZhaoBao Hou style Tai Chi Chuan
and Special Training
by Lin Quan Sai 林泉賽
$27.95 Traditional Chinese Characters;
373 pages

This big volume discusses many aspects of the ZhaoBao inheritance. It talks about the internal training, the origins, the Five Hands, special "traveling" methods, striking arts, ten important points, special characteristics, and ZhaoBao, Footwork, the form, and more esoteric specialties of the style.

ZhaoBao claims an alternative background to most Tai Chi. Counting their originator as Zhang San Feng himself they then trace six generations down to Zhang Yan. From him the lineage continues to both Zhang Ying Ji and Chen Qing Ping (hence the connection to Chen style). From Zhang Ying Ji it moves to Zhang Jin Mei then Zhang Wen then Zhang Zun Zhi and finally to the author's teacher, Hou Chun Xiu.

This manual contains sections on theory such as relaxation, Wu Wei, an illustrated section on "Tai Chi Xing Gong", breakdown of the Tai Chi ZhaoBao form, applications and then back pages concerning principles and teachers. A very complete guide to this art.

Tai Chi Essential Skills Reprint

C017X Tai Chi Essential Skills
by Huang Wen Shu
$13.95 Traditional Chinese Characters;

Yang Jia Tai Chi Chuan Ke Yi Yao Yi. 122 pages with photographs. this is a reprint of a book on the Yang style that was first published in June, 1936. Besides some very old photographs of teacher it contains a tipped in plate of the footwork for the Tai Chi set. Many topics are covered in this early series of writings: Tai Chi Classics, proper practice methods, many notes on the Tai Chi Sword, the Da Lu, the Primordial (Hun Yuan) Chi, Push Hands and others.


Li Ya Hsuan Yang Tai Chi Push HandsA419X  Tai Chi Push Hands of Li Ya Hsuan
by Chen Lung Xiang & Li Min Di
$14.95 Traditional Chinese Characters;

131 pages with photographs. Li Ya Hsuan, one of Yang Chen Fu's top students, was a profound authority on Yang Style Tai Chi. This book is based on the few known photographs of Master Li taken at three points during his lifetime. His form, in all cases, is elegant, erect and firm. Sections discussed include Single Push Hands, Double Push Hands, Fixed Step Tui Shou and Mobile Tui Shou. The actions of Ta Lu are also surveyed. There are many textural notes and interpretations to aid in the study. Excellent photos. WALL CHART included.


Li Ya Hsuan Yang Tai Chi Sber
The Yang Style Tai Chi Saber of Li Ya Hsuan A421X
by Chen Lung Xiang & Li Min Di
$18.95 Traditional Chinese Characters;
134 pages with photographs.

This is another fine production of Li Ya Hsuan's work. In this case we have the Yang Family Saber. The book contains introductory notes, a really nice photograph breakdown of the postures which are interspersed with applications. At the end if a round up of all the photographs pertaining only to the set. Well laid out and presented, excellent photography. Li's pictures are filled out with Li Min Di and other students inserting applications and the occasional under represented sequence. Well done.

Li Ya Hsuan Yang Tai Chi Spear

A422X The Yang Style Tai Chi Spear of Li Ya Hsuan
by Chen Lung Xiang & Li Min Di
$15.95 Traditional Chinese Characters;
180 pages with photographs.

This is the Yang Family Spear, a subject for which there is entirely too little information. This book shows many basics and combinations with a partner. There is also a form we assume to be developed by Li himself. The pictures are excellent. Probably one of the most extensive explications of Yang Family Spear by one of Yang Chen Fu's best, that is available now. If you have been researching this topic you know how difficult it is to find proper information on this style of spear usage.



Li Ya Hsuan Yang Tai Chi Sword

A420X The Yang Style Tai Chi Sword of Li Ya Hsuan
by Chen Lung Xiang & Li Min Di

$18.95 Traditional Chinese Characters;
171 pages with photographs.

One of Yang Chen Fu's top students was Li Ya Hsuan. The photographs and notes he left behind are considered treasures of martial information. His poses show vigor, elegance, health and dignity. Here is the entire set of the Yang style Tai Chi sword with textural notes and applications relating to just about every movement in the form. Also included is a wall chart of the set showing his exceptional form. Photography - much of it showing Li himself - is of top quality.



Li Ya Hsuan Yang Tai Chi Long Set

A416X The Yang Style Tai Chi style of Li Ya Hsuan
by Chen Lung Xiang & Li Min Di
$18.95 Traditional Chinese Characters; 417 pages.

Li Ya Hsuan was one of Yang Chen Fu's top students and a profound authority on Yang Style Tai Chi. He studied with master Yang for many years and learned the 115 posture Long Set. This is a well done book in traditional characters. It has many plates of Li's student and son-in-law, the author, doing the Long Set and numerous Push Hands drills. It also has extensive explanations on the Tai Chi Classics and a very extensive and informative section on Li Ya Hsuan's own observations of Tai Chi.




Li Ya Hsuan Yang Tai Chi

A417X The Yang Style Tai Chi of Li Ya Hsuan
by Chen Lung Hsiang & Li Min Di
$16.95 Traditional Chinese Characters; 187 pages.

Li Ya Hsuan, one of Yang Chen Fu's top students, studied with master Yang for many years. During that time he learned the 115 posture Long Set. This large sized book shows Li himself performing the set . There are also notes on practice methods, some nice old photographs and some holographs of Li's own calligraphy. Li's insights into Tai Chi are deep and thorough and he prided himself on learning in direct descent from the Yang family. His posture is full and firm and the pictures in this text show his generally excellent form.



Li Ya Hsuan style VCD

A420V   Yang Style Tai Chi VCDs
by Chen Lung Hsiang & Li Min Di
$13.95 Traditional Chinese Characters;

Here is a double VCD (Video Compact Disk) of author and student, Chen, performing the Yang 115 Long Form as shown to him by his father-in-law Li Ya Hsuan, one of Yang Chen Fu's top students. Also enclosed is an excellent posture of the set with Li himself showing all the poses. A very nice addition, well done, for anyone interested in learning more about Yang Style Tai Chi.



Tai Chi Research #1  Yang Style

A410 Tai Chi Chuan: #2 Yang Style
Compiled by Wang Jia Hsiang
$9.95 Traditional Chinese Characters;

A very interesting over view book. Here we have excerpts from a number of classic book collected. The resource texts include two by Yang Chen Fu (Tai Chi Usage 1931 and Tai Chi Complete 1934) also "Tai Chi Illustrated" by Hou Jian Tsuan and "Tai Chi Explanations" by Wang Jin Wu. Photos from the original texts are included. A nice cross sectional survey of salient aspects of Yang Tai Chi.