Daniel Mroz on Tao Lu: Formal Movements from the Martial Arts

 Here is something wonderful. Daniel Mroz, an associate professor in the Theater Department of the University of Ottawa and also a longtime friend, correspondent and Plum customer presented a lecture at last year’s Martial Arts Studies Conference in Wales. The subject of his engaging talk is Tao Lu, the martial art routine we call set or form. In this presentation he explores the unique folk tradition that Tao Lu plays in Kung Fu practice. This intriguing talk takes the folk treasure diamond of Tao Lu and examines its many facets.


The Martial Arts Studies group has put up a video of my keynote address at the 2016 International Martial Arts Studies Conference that took place in Cardiff this summer. My talk is on the nature  and role of choreographed training routines in the Chinese martial arts, which I discuss from the perspectives of combat, religion and theater.  I hope you find it interesting. I’m particularly pleased with the quality of the questions I received at the end of the presentation.


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  1. A great talk by Daniel Mroz on Tao Lu (“forms”) in Chinese Martial Arts. | The Tai Chi Notebook says:

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