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Universal Taiji

Jack Yan has emerged as one of our more favored writer/translators. His exhaustive series on the teacher Chen Zheng Lei has brought a lot of attention to this branch of the art, and his own series on Tong Bei is a welcome addition to what is otherwise a very under-represented field of texts and DVDs.

Now he offers a translation of a text from his teacher, the famous instructor and scholar, Qiu PiXiang. If you are not already doing Taijiquan–or are just starting–then this book offers an especially strong foundation in Taiji health that can be practiced for months before embarking on the entire form. In “First steps of Taiji Quan,” Shifu Qiu has compiled routines from a long set, push hands, qigong and core movements to present a beginner with a sturdy foundation.  It can even, in many cases, substitute for the whole set–especially in the event of therapeutic practice, that restricts the practitioner’s movements or abilities.

If you want a mature introduction to Taijiquan, this book can show you a lot. This would also be an excellent reference for teachers adding a Tai Chi For Health regimen to their curriculum.

Note: the Taijiquan in this books appears to be based on a generic Yang Style. Also, something we at Plum always like to see: the text is in both Chinese and English.

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