Squaring the Fours Away

Click: Chen Zheng Lei’s books on Chen Tai Chi.

Click: Tom Bisio’s Bagua Qigong series

We just happen to post two new additions to two different series. In both cases these happen to be the 4th installment.

The first is the last book in the massive series by Chen ZhengLei, edited by Jack Yan, detailing—and we mean detailing—the Chen Tai Chi. This new volume goes through five weapons sets in the Chen style with Chen ZhengLei’s progressive instruction and a good translation by Tai Chi and Tong Bei expert, Jack Yan. One of the things we like about the series is the additional in-depth comments, such as in the case of volume two where a hundred pages are devoted to the theories and principles of practicing Tai Chi.

Our next NUMBER FOUR offering is the newest addition to Tom Bisio’s survey of the major Qigong methods associated with Bagua. In this piece he shows JiBenGong, or basic exercises, as well as an introduction to the Walking Nei Gong. There are at least two more volumes and this promises to be one of the most thorough explications of a particular style’s Qigong.

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