D24375: Kung Fu Body Conditioning Part Two

Just when you thought the soreness would go away.

Here is the second DVD in the series of traditional training methods. (To be honest we did not even realize it had a second part.) This is a faithful and in-depth exploration and representation of some of the hundreds of special Kung Fu exercises that have been developed through the centuries. It would be difficult for most people to train this way nowadays but watching these great exercises—including sensitivity, strengthening and agility drills—makes you want to get off the chair and jump over it. In Part Two, the exercises are more complete and there is more Qigong training along with some pithy concerns and comments from Dr. Yang.

In this second series of conditioning exercises Dr. Yang Jwing Ming and his assistant instructors emphasize more complex, combative and  also internal training routines. Multiple bags, sensitivity exercises from White Crane, much leg and arm conditioning, candle punching and other classic exercises to increases concentration and strengthen tendons. This is not cappucino-yoga fare but authentic and difficult training that makes you think that SEAL might be one of the classic Kung Fu animals. Everyone has been stealing from this treasure house for decades; look here to see the originals demonstrated by enthusiastic young instructors who will carry the future of the art forward as Dr. Yang’s end message embodies.

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