A Qigong sequence from Xing Yi

Xing Yi Quan: Tu Na Si Ba
The Four Breathing Methods of Master Li Gui Chang

Tom Bisio takes a little time off to present this book on the Xing Yi Qigong developed by Li Gui Chang (student of Dong Xiu Sheng.) His teacher Dong was the student of masters Geng Ji Shan, Li Cun Yi, Liu Wen Hua. This lineage has contributed a distinguished sequence of Qigong movements imbued with the spirit of Xing Yi but available to everyone. Teacher Song Zhi Yong appears in the book and on the DVD. His concentration and body control are evident as Song sifu moves very slowly through the series while exhibiting complete control. The entire study of TuNa is aimed at opening the MingMen (Life Gate) and engaging the back and front of the waist, a major achievement in the art of the internal. Besides these special four exercises, there is a section on Xing Yi’s fundamental standing exercise, the San Ti stance.

To get an idea of what the book contains see here

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