Two China Masters Camps: La Honda

La Honda Chinese Masters of Kung Fu

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Here is a offering from the China’s Living Treasure series with participating masters from arts such as Xin Yi Liu He, Chen Tai Chi, Lan Shou and LiuHeBaFa along with loads of drills and instruction on such diverse topics as XY Ten Animals, Reeling Silk practices, a Xin Yi power form, types of energy and, truly, the nature of “quiet.”


From #25061 and the CLT catalog: “Master Qian Zhao Hong is a member of Shanghai Wu Shu Association, Vice Chairman of Institute of Shanghai Pa-Kua, Vice Chairman of Institute of Shanghai Wu Dong Qigong. The majority of the content in this volume is taken from the first demonstration night at camp. It begins with Master Qian demonstrating the 250 year old Chan Ssu (spiral) taijiquan form followed by section explaining it. Master Xu continues with demonstration of the Chen taijiquan form performed with different intentions and continues with further explanations and applications. Master Qian performs the rare Fighting form from the 6 harmony/ 10 animal xinyi system. This is only the second and last time this form was performed in North America. Master Qian follows with the applications of the form with students. Master Xu demonstrates Lan Shou Chuan from and also demonstrates applications following with students. This title concludes with Master Qian discussing his history and martial theory responding from questions from students.”

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