KW040: A new White Eyebrow book

Bak Mei White Eyebrow style Kung Fu

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Once again, long time practitioner Tyler Rea has produced a training manual. This time his subject is one of those styles that you can research for a long time without finding much information: Bak Mei or the White Eyebrow system. This scarcity of information may be in part from the legend that Bak Mei was instrumental in the burning of the Shaolin Temple. But it is just as likely that there are few practitioners and the style has many “hidden hands.” Either way, Bak Mei is known for its tight, serious and fast hands, its sticky hands and its point attacks. In this new book Tyler explains many of the key concepts to the style and, for good measure, throws in an interesting section on the “Beggar style” of Kung Fu. Applications shown, no form.

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