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Wu Song Breaks Manacles Kung Fu @plumpub.com

Wu Song Breaks Manacles

Daoist Meditative Hand Positions @plumpub.com

Daoist Secret Hand Positions

For some reason the offerings today have to do with hands.

We open our own hand with two en face bilingual editions in Chinese and English. Each of them is also accompanied by a VCD demonstrating the contents; not a bad bid.

The first is a very popular VCD which is now explained in English: Wu Song Breaks Manacles. In this set, the practitioner pretends to be handcuffed and demonstrates all sorts of skills and moves under these conditions until the triumphal moment he breaks free.

The second package is an unusual draw for us: abstruse or “hidden” Daoist hand positions. Very similar to the Mudras of Hindu faith, these are traditional hand forms which are said to aid the meditator, open and regulate the meridians (acupuncture channels), quiet the mind and other good things. Derived from Daoist meditation, which is focused on “sitting and forgetting,” these unique patterns might strike you as a cross between contemplation and ninjitsu.


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