A National Treasure: Sun Zhi Jun

Sun Zhi Jun's Cheng style Bagua Zhang @plumpub.com

The Big Book of Cheng style Bagua

It has been the most exciting summer in the history of this company. We have found and rescued and re-issued more texts and DVDs than ever before. People are writing to us every day and mentioning a teacher they had no chance to see, or a form they had been tracking down and finally located at Plum. It’s gotten so good we didn’t even have room or time to pre-announce the arrival of a major Bagua text. So we decided to wait until we had the carton in hand… Here is a big book AND important, by one of the world’s top Bagua performers: Sun Zhi Jun. It is newly translated and in excellent English. We’re not even going to say much about this, just go and take a peek yourself…

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