Bagua Zhang’s 8 Animals: First the seminar, now the Book (and DVD!)

Bagua 8 Animals BookLet me be honest: what begins at Plum as a simple idea rarely stays simple.

Our simple idea was to offer some seminars on Bagua Zhang’s Eight Animals as a starting place for those in our area interested in this great practice. And we thought, “Hey! Let’s include a basic manual to aid the students after they’d left the seminar.”

It’s not our way to just ‘bang something out,’ so the basic manual turned into a larger project, and soon we had a fully illustrated and photographed, 144 page book, not just on the Eight Animals, but also on Bagua fundamentals. Although the Eight Animals are typically an introduction to Bagua Zhang, we noticed that even those with some Bagua experience had not encountered them in their training. And so the book also brushed topics such as Bagua Qigong and Bagua’s Nature.

Still, it seemed that the book, to be fully beneficial, could be supplemented with a DVD demonstrating all eight animals and their changes, plus basics. So we authored a 30 minute DVD to accompany the book.

What resulted was akin to a seminar-in-a-book-and-DVD. Then, the response from those who came to the seminar and got the book (and, some, the DVD) convinced us to release the whole package independent of the workshop.

Yeah, we still think you might enjoy the seminar! Santa Cruz is a lovely town to visit, between the redwoods and the California coastline. Not to mention the seminar got great reviews from those who attended.

But for those who may not be swinging by anytime soon, our simple plan is now a fully-realized Plum product, and you only have about a week more to wait until it arrives on our doorstep.




4 Responses to “Bagua Zhang’s 8 Animals: First the seminar, now the Book (and DVD!)”

  1. John Dixon says:

    Wonderful! I was hoping you might release the book after the seminar, but a video too? WOW! I have the “Art of Change” series and the book “Learning Bagua Zhang” so I know how good this is going to be. I’ll be getting my copy as soon as it’s available.

  2. Charles Cripple says:

    Great news Ted! Looking forward to these! I always enjoy your insights and methods.

  3. Bob Figler says:


    This is just excellent!

    What more can be said.

    Looking forward to reading and watching it.


  4. DavidFromDenver says:

    Wonderful news! As a martial artist and a 30-year mainframe computer programmer, I believe the “Learning Bagua Zhang” book is one of the best pieces of instructional/technical writing I have read. If you “ballpark” with that, it should be great.

    Would love an essay on the bagua animals in relation to George Xu’s animal/predator theories. I was just getting to start/buy the 1st of his new 3 dvd set.

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