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Tom Bisio’s Old Eight Palms of Master Wang Shi Tong

What excitement! Books have arrived! Tom Bisio has just published a new book on Master Wang Shi Tong’s Old Eight Palms of Bagua Zhang. Sifu Bisio, the only American disciple of Master Wang, details the forms, principles, training methods and many applications he learned directly from the Master himself. Almost every style of Bagua Zhang […]


Kent Howard’s Essentials of Bagua Zhang

Thrilled to announce Sifu Kent Howard’s newest book and companion DVD, Introduction to Baguazhang: From Circle Walking to Advanced Practice. Sifu Howard includes the essentials of any Bagua practice, generously teaching routines while also emphasizing Basics and other lesser addressed topics such as response time in stress situations. His clear instruction already makes him a […]


Bagua Zhang’s 8 Animals: First the seminar, now the Book (and DVD!)

It’s not our way to just ‘bang something out,’ so the basic manual turned into a larger project, and soon we had a fully illustrated and photographed, 144 page book, not just on the Eight Animals…


My Bagua Book

Well, it’s finally come to pass: I am finishing writing my book on How To Learn Bagua Zhang.

It’s been an intriguing experience. We have had so many requests for a companion to the DVD that I initially thought I would just write a step-by-step guide, like a sort of show-and-tell: the DVD being the show and the text, the tell.