Explosive Punching and You

eXplosive Punching with John Ottenberg @ plumpub.com


This DVD offering is from our “other” site, the one attached to our school in Santa Cruz, California.

Our school, the Academy of Martial and Internal Arts, offers self defense training. The teacher for this is John Ottenberg, the instructor on the Beyond Technique series. We like to offer his series at Plum because it is a near-perfect blend of solid self defense and classical principles.

In this newest DVD John bases the entire disc on how to throw one punch, the Vertical Drop. Taking that, along with his motion-movement-technique method, he not only teaches you how to generate more power than your ever thought possible, but how to build a whole set of self defense reactions based on the Vertical Drop. You would be surprised seeing us work together: John 6’7″ with a  very direct fighting and my 5’8″ frame doing classical martial training. Yet when it comes to hands on, most of the moves are very close to one another. This is fighting style that takes what you already have and boils it down to the essentials.

Learn how to really punch, and with John’s permission for our customers, at a substantial discount.

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