Baji and Pigua Books, Back for a Limited Engagement

Baji Quan

Bajiquan: click pic

Pigua Zhang

Piguazhang: click pic

Yes, we know: there is not enough material on the cousin arts of Baji Quan and Pigua Zhang, especially in written form. Our VCDs on these two arts still remain among our most popular, and the Baji and Pigua DVDs we carry (from Adam Hsu and Tony Yang ) are quite fine.

So we’re happy when we can fluff up our inventory on these two subjects, especially with these two Chinese language companion books which we snatch up every time we can find more copies.


Other Baji and Pigua resources include:

Baji and Pigua books (chinese)

Baji and Pigua VCDs (chinese)

Baji and Pigua DVDs (english)


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