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We always get a double shipment from our Asian suppliers. The one to arrive first is the airmail which we open immediately hoping that not too much has been banged about and damaged. That’s why we sometimes get only a few copies of a title in stock. It’s not that we are breaking the piggy bank, it’s just the nature of the trade.

Nonetheless, here is the band of survivors (click the pictures to see the reviews):

Chen Fa Ke's Chen Tai Chi Method at plumpub.comChen Fa Ke’s Taijiquan Practical Combat



Wu (Hao) Tai Chi with Zhai Wei Zhuan @ plumpub.comWu (Hao) Style with Zhai Wei Zhuan




Xing Yi/Bagua for Health and Defense @ plumpub.comXing Yi/Bagua Linked Palms for health & defense- SC 132  By Song Di Lei 宋狄雷
OOOOOps! This one is already gone again! All copies sold overnight. Sorry…until next time?




Shaolin Evil Demon Staff- SC 313 by Mao DeShaolin Evil Wind Staff Kung Fu @




And in English, this classic, “Questions and Answers on Tai Chi”.Chen Wei Ming Q & A on Yang style Tai Chi @

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