The Return of Kang

Several years ago, we took tremendous pride in being the first (and only) representatives to offer

Plum Publications presents  "A Course in Bagua"


an English language edition of Professor Kang GeWu’s 2 Volume VHS Course in Baguazhang. We are now thrilled to announce a newly remastered version in DVD. The first, and independent, volume one is NOW AVAILABLE.

Who is Kang Ge Wu? He is, at this point, one of the most knowledgeable scholars in the world on the history and origins of Baguazhang. His thesis, while he was gaining his specialty in his Masters, was the historical origins of Bagua. Until Professor Kang’s definitive work Bagua’s historical origins were mostly rumor and politics. Just about everyone in Chinese martial arts claimed that theirs came from the real creator. Kang did the unprecedented by personally visiting every claimant and tracking down all details. With hundreds of interviews he finally put forth the most scientific and verified information on Bagua’s origins and development.

Besides being a top researcher and consultant on major government projects, Kang loves his style and teaches many forms of Bagua including that which he learned from Sha Guo Zheng, top student of Jiang Rong Jiao.

This DVD shows …
basics with many key points noted,
correct hand positions
Stances and Footwork
This is followed by a great section with no verbal instruction but extremely clear demonstrations of many forms of circling including
The Big Eight Palms
The Old Palms (possibly the most authentic original series in existence)
The New Palms of Jiang Rong Jiao
And a demonstration of the spontaneous Bagua Linking Palms.

There is also a nice section on the different styles of Bagua with much footage unavailable in the West.

This is the first volume of a two volume set. The second volume concentrates on CORRECT Bagua power displayed and shows a special form just for that.


Notes on Kang GeWu
Article by Professor Kang
Kang’s History survey: The Spring and Autumn

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