Push Hands Improves

It took decades but finally some decent information about Push Hands is surfacing. Chen Push Hands Tai Chi fro Plum PublicationsThe problem was mostly cultural. Why are we Pushing? Can I pull as I fall so long as I win? How important is rooting? What are we doing here, anyway? Students regularly beat their instructors, or tell stories about impossible to move masters, or the competitions all look like very low grade Sumo try outs. Here are four new DVDs all addessing some phase of functional Tai Chi. You may have your stylized SanShou set from Yang style or a relatively new Chen Sanshou energy form performed by Wang Xi An’s son. Or Push Hands explanations by a top Yang instructor and another by a disciple of the famous Chen Fa Ke. The point is that the information gives you a better choice and with much more detailed information. Good hunting!

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