The Book of Wu

Here is an important text we now  offer for the first time. Wu style Taichichuan is  written by two world-class teachers, Wu Ying-Hua and Ma Yueh-Liang, who lived and taught Wu Style Tai Chi for many decades.

Wu style Tai Chi Chuan from


The daughter of the creator Wu Chian Chuan, Madame Wu demonstrates the Wu form created by her father. This is a such a crucial text, and well done, that if you have any interest just click the picture and check it out for yourself. We’ve posted the Table of Contents with more information. English.



Da Cheng Chuan Kung Fu from


Da Cheng Chuan as many people know is another name for Yi Quan signifying a different developmental state. Here we re-post a book, in Chinese, we haven’t had for some time by Wang Xuan Jie. Over 400 drawings show training and applications.

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