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Lion Books

NOTE: Please be aware that we only have one or two copies of some of these. Many aren't even in print any more. Even if it is listed here it may already be out of stock (we'll try to keep it updated but they may go fast).

SC349 - "I" Form Conquering the Tiger
by Tian Wen Lin from the book by Lam Sai Wing
$23.95,  Simplified Chinese Characters Only
320 Pages, Softbound. Illustrations.

Here is something unusual. The famous illustrated texts for this major Hung form show beautiful drawings of Master Lam Sai Wing performing each movement. But this edition has something different; just as in the original there are renderings of the original poses, in this "retelling" of that text,
drawings of the opponent have been added to each and every page showing Lam defeating him each time with the appropriate movement from the form. There are even added drawings of the downed opponents huddling in a corner. A kind of unusual idea—obviously a labor of love, even if it doesn't match the quality of the original piece.

In addition to tinted paper, the wrap around cover is a fine textured stiff paper.



6 Road Authentic Teaching of the Wu Dang Sword - SC 329
by Wang En Cheng
$14.95, Simplified Chinese Characters Only
234 Pages, Softbound. Photographs including color front pieces.

There are a few Chinese sword sets that are emerging as pristine and much sought after examples of the heart and soul of Chinese Kung Fu. These will survive for quite a wild. Among these is the Kun Wu Sword, The San Cai Sword, the Duckweed Sword and, of course, the Wu Dang Sword. Here the painter and lifelong practitioner of the Wu Dang gives a very thorough series of photos breaking down and teaching the form. There is also an illustrated story retelling the teaching of the set to a devote disciple. Wang's paintings are shown a bit and they are fantasy landscapes of great skill and detail. There is also supplementary material on grips and sword anatomy. A must-have for Wu Dang and general sword aficionados.Also available in traditional Chinese characters (click right illo).
Read about the lineage of this art.


Ba Ji Quan - SC 324
by Wang Shi Quan
$14.95,  Simplified Chinese Characters Only
385 Pages, Softbound. Photographs including color front piece.

Here is a big book on the Baji style. It contains a number of biographies and, among other things, a very interesting section on Baji health exercises which retains the flavor of the style while performing a difficult and demanding Baji set. Also shown are the two person set, the Da Baji and many notes on the style.