Small 9 Heaven Form from Yang style

Yang Tai Chi Small 9 Heavens @


As people in the Tai Chi world know, there are many legends and opinions about where the essence of the world-famous Yang style lays. Some say it is back in Kuan Ping village. Some say it only resides in extraneous information that was carefully culled. Some like the “imperial” story saying it was reserved for the nobility. The idea that Yang Lu Chan had much more to teach seems, at first, aprocryphal but then, when we watch the Yang style of today, we sometimes shake our heads and wonder “Where’s the beef.” Here, presented by the irrespressible Jiang Jian-Ye, is a routine from that “other” toy chest of the Yang Lu Chan group. The Small Nine Heavens is often mentioned. It is somewhat equivalent to the Road #2 of Chen in that it makes the explosion of Jin evident, though to a lesser degree. A very straight forward, broken down version of this form.

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