Lan Shou, the Barring Arm

Lan Shou Men (Blockade or Barring  Hand style) is a Long Fist method. Some people say that the style was created in the Shaolin Temple, some that it originates in GuangDong and still others that it comes from the Si Chuan Er Mei Mountains. Whatever its origins, it is self-contained and complete. During the Ming-Qing transition Zheng Tian Xing, a rebel from Henan, fled from Manchu authorities and moved to Tian Jin. In Tian Jian he set himself up teaching Lan Shou Men. His teaching split into two styles: He Dong Pai and He Xi Pai (east and west river sects). Lan Shou once had only two forms and now has a number of hand and weapons sets. TianJin, now the main center for Lan Shou Men, can claim over 300 years of its history though the history itself probably extends much further back.


Wang Hai Shan 王海: An early TianJin practitioner

Li Zhao Xin &Wang Chun He: students of Wang Hai Shan

Chen Liang Fang: Wang Chun He’s student

Cai Quan modern history practitioner

Ye Xiao Long: Contemporary teacher of such people as George Xu.

George Xu: Famous martial teacher who introduced Lan Shou to Western world.

Wu Ji Lan Shou Men expert

Qin Zhong Bao

Zhang-Zhong Wen 张仲:文 (7th generation claimant)

Liu Wang Fu: Major practitioner in Northern China

Lan Shou, as the name suggests, specializes in “Lan” or intercepting motions which counter “on the beat” as they say in fencing. Lan Shou is powerful, like Baji, with low kicks and forceful but sophisticated actions. It is strong in the area of Chin Na, partially because it must be prepared for immediate change upon collision. As far as weapons, Lan Shou puts much emphasis on spear technique since it dovetails perfectly with the requirements of the style. Lan Shou also likes the saber which is represented in both single and double sets including, as might be expected, a Six Harmony Saber.

Some Lan Shou Forms:
Si Da Cao Quan
Fan Quan
Liu Lu Tan Tui
Wu Hua Pao
Yan Qing Jia
Six Harmony SaberUplifting Saber
10000 Victories Double Saber
36 Hands Double Saber
Lan Shou Spear
Six Harmony Sparring Fist
Double Sticks
Lan Shou Road #1
Lan Shou Road #2
Lan Shou Road #3
Lan Shou Road #4

George Xu DVDs on this art

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