Wu Dang Sword Lineage

This is one of the great and living sword heritages of Chinese martial arts.

Attributed to the nominal originator of Tai Chi Chuan, namely Zhang San Feng, this is a long heritage that has not been without its interuptions and detours. Yet it retains a relatively well preserved continuity. For those who have seen any version of the Wudang sword performed well, the experience is a perfect example of beauty and function combined: one of Kung Fu’s greatest goals. So profound is the Wudang Sword that, like the Shaolin staff, it has become the symbol of the entire Wudang martial hertiage.

The Lineage of the Wudang Sword according to Wáng Ēn Chéng 王恩盛

Zhāng Sān Fēng 张三丰 : The Ming Dynasty

Zhāng Sōng Xī 张松溪

Zhào Tài Bīn 赵太斌

Wáng Jiǔ Chéng 王久成 : The Qing Dynasty

Yán Xī Sheng 颜昔圣

Lǚ Shí Niáng 吕十娘 (female)

Lǐ Dà Nián 李大年

Chén Yìn Chāng 陈荫昌

Zháng Yě Hè 张野鹤, 雅号碧月侠 honorific: Jade Green Moon Knight

Sòng4 Wéi Yī 宋唯一 : End of the Qing, beginning of the Republic

There are a number of unrecorded disciples here. Some of the names which come down to us are:

Huáng Bǎi Jiā 黄百家; Gān Feng Chí 甘风池; Guō Jì Yuán 郭济元

Chén Shì Diào 陈世钓

Lǐ Jǐng Lín 李景林

to posterity…

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