Sunday Qigong Seminar Series

frontrose1Come one, come all…! The Academy of Martial Arts (our school here in Santa Cruz) is presenting 3 separate workshops on the Art of Qigong: Qigong Essentials (Sept 20); Wudang Qigong (Oct 4) and Blossoms in the Spring (Oct 18). The last, of course, will be especially helpful to those of you who have purchased our new book of the same name, a chance to get in there and learn/practice the set with the help of the authors.

We know that Santa Cruz is a pretty good distance from where most of you live, but it’s a wonderful seaside town and, hey, if you are looking for a nice weekend trip (or, even just a day away), come out to one of the workshops.

There is a lot more information on our sister site, so click here to see the details of each seminar. Also, please note that these classes are CEU qualified for Acupuncturists.