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Li YaXuan’s Legacy: A Beautiful New Book

We have a few more new books to announce in the next few days, but this one, The Legacy of Grandmaster Li YaXuan, is so beautiful we thought we would give it its own space. Lionbooks has released a comprehensive collection of writings from Yang Style Taijiquan Grandmaster Li YaXuan. Lionbook publisher, Liu KangYi, is […]


Rare Hao Style, Hong Style, and Bagua Leg Techniques—Available Now!

Delighted to announce the addition of five strong books into the Plum library. These gems from Hong Kong, all with boh Chinese and English text, are beautifully designed and laid out with large, easy to read photos, on subjects we just never see in English. KH020 Hao Style Tai Ji Quan Developed by Master Liu […]


The Ball

Yang Lu Chan was the creator of the Yang Family branch of Tai Chi. Initially, he brought more fame to this art with his extraordinary skill, than anyone had before him. In essence, his special talents raised a great but little-known style to a very high status. Though undefeated his entire career, and collaterally famous […]