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Two Passings

Back in February, the martial world lost two of its pillars. Vince Black died on February 26 at the age of 68. A practitioner of Chinese martial arts as well as Chinese medicine, Sifu Black had a lifelong relation with his studies, students and teachers. Among other well known instructors he studied with Li Zi […]


A Better Book Returns

The Xing Yi Boxing Manual has skipped in and out of being available for a while now. But all is forgotten with the new edition—revised and expanded—of this important Xing Yi text. As it says in our page description, this is not only a major book of instruction on the five elemental fists, but the […]


A New Big Bagua Book

Long time coming is this presentation, the first in English, of the Bagua writings of Liu Feng Cai. Liu was a practitoner of the Gao Yi Cheng branch of Cheng Style Bagua. He is known for some of the most dramatically and uniquely posed Bagua positions and movements ever photographed. Members of the Tang Shou […]