A New Big Bagua Book

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Long time coming is this presentation, the first in English, of the Bagua writings of Liu Feng Cai. Liu was a practitoner of the Gao Yi Cheng branch of Cheng Style Bagua. He is known for some of the most dramatically and uniquely posed Bagua positions and movements ever photographed. Members of the Tang Shou Association, out of  Taiwan, and many mainland experts have made this a huge community event. Vince Black, well known teacher and acupuncturist, acts as the English Edition Editor. This book ranges through all aspects of Liu’s teaching also adding commentary, insights and showcasing Liu’s unusual and often unique ideas about health, spirit and martial arts. A major work in the field.

An extra note: This is a huge and informative book, but no book is perfect. For instance, it is so big there is no room to show all the applications of the 64 Palms. The weapons section, while talking about some unusual Bagua weapons, just gives the names of the forms without illustrations. Otherwise this book would be 1000 pages! but what it does do, and beautifully, is give an excellent and specific survey of what makes Gao Bagua Zhang its own style.

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