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Coming Attractions

Here’s what happens: We are always scouting and finding new material, year-round, but sometimes it comes faster than we can process it. Processing, in the case of Chinese books, involves a bit of translation and research, scanning pictures, reviewing and cataloguing. And when we get a lot of books at once, which we did as […]


Get ‘Em While They’re Hot: Xing Yi and Tai Chi

We’ve added two books to our wonderful “Hurt Book” section: Shang Yun-Xiang XingYiQuan and Classical Wu Style Tai Ji Quan. The excellent Xing Yi text is one we have been carrying, but these are special priced at $12.95  (as opposed to the previously discounted Plum price of $19.95.) The Wu Style book is an old […]


Restocked: Tai Chi, Green Dragon, and Chuo Jiao

How’s that for a mix? We got a few more copies of some books that have been gone for a while…unfortunately, even when they come in we don’t always get the quantity we ordered, but here they are (click to go to pages):