Get ‘Em While They’re Hot: Xing Yi and Tai Chi

We’ve added two books to our wonderful “Hurt Book” section: Shang Yun-Xiang XingYiQuan and Classical Wu Style Tai Ji Quan. The excellent Xing Yi text is one we have been carrying, but these are special priced at $12.95  (as opposed to the previously discounted Plum price of $19.95.) The Wu Style book is an old favorite, and we pick them up when we find them; they always sell out too soon!

For those who have previously bought books from the Hurt Book section, you’re probably already on your way there. But if the concept is new to you, “Hurt” is a bookseller term for books that might have a small crease or ding, or maybe none at all, just returned to the publisher. In any case, they are always a good value and, like everything else at Plum, they are hand-picked for your reading enjoyment.

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