A Glimpse into Bajiquan

Adam Hsu Baji ThunderBaji Thunder, Adam Hsu’s 3 volume course on the elusive art of Bajiquan, has been one of the most ambitious projects ever seen from a single instructor.

Sifu Hsu has created a series of 14 DVDs teaching the core of Baji Quan (Eight Ultimates Boxing,) probably the fastest rising style of Kung Fu out there at this moment. He has also combined authentic Kung Fu tradition with modern practical concerns by teaching far more information than the average presentation. Typically, a series centered around key forms would devote 70 per cent to the form and 30 per cent or less to applications and usage. Here the formula is reversed. Baji has a unique training method that results in its signature mix of power, simplicity and beauty.

Yes, we know that this is a large series and can be seen as something of a financial commitment–though pricing out each DVD you’ll find them well under $30 each, not to mention the fact that you can buy this series in parts as your bank account allows. And, yes, we know that showing you a few minutes of video can’t fully demonstrate such a rich style or such a vest landscape of information and training. But we couldn’t resist placing a sample of each volume here.

So enjoy watching the style that has protected kings and presidents for centuries.

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  1. Viet Le says:

    I am a disciple of Shifu Jason Tsou in Los Angeles. I bought the last volume (Liu Da Kai, Ba Da Shi) as a birthday gift for myself, and was amazed at Shifu Adam Hsu’s skill, candor, and understanding of Ba Ji Quan. I agree with the assessment entirely. Watching this DVD, you simply can’t refrain from training in the style. More DVD’s like this one can help practicioners of all styles. Thank you, Plumpub!

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