Classics Texts for the Scholar’s Shelf

Three more for the martial scholar, the warrior or just someone who likes books (some such people still exist, thankfully). In each case, just click a picture to see and learn more.

Chinese Martial Arts booksC087 Bagua Sword Studies
by Sun Lu Tang, $12.95
60 pages, many photos of Sun Lu Tang himself
Published 1927

Some people think of Sun as the most famous internal stylist of all. Here is a classic Bagua sword in a first edition facsimile. We also offer a nice translation (available on the sale page for this book).

Hand-Arm Record, Wrestling, Archery notes, Shooting record
by Wu Shu Deng $15.95

Hard to believe but there are few surviving texts, even from the literate Chinese scholars, on the real details of warfare, strategy, techniques and customs. The so called “Arm Record” is one of the few, and has over the centuries been employed as a kind of standard, not only for what was exceptional but for what has been lost, too.


Nei Gong 13 Sections Illustrated
by Bao Ting, $11.95
Published 1927

Some strange photographs which appears to have been taken at a boardwalk. Qigong of an almost Yoga-like style. Much reclining. Some lying flat. Some objects to be used for “patting” or what is often called Luo Han Qi Gong. All demonstrated by a noted Xing Yi player. This book is meant to be clear enough in its Chinese instructions to substitute for a live teacher.

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