Pak Mei, Master Sam Choi style

Of all the styles we actually list on Plum, Pak Mei has to be one of the most reticent and close-lipped. We are slowly building up a good representation in this form of boxing but Pak Mei practitioners seem to have a little problem: typically they write books that are either all theory with no illustrations, or all pictures with no explanations. In this case it is refreshing to have some decent explanations, and in both Chinese and English.

Of course Pak Mei teachers should expose just as much about their style as they want. Plum’s  job is to be there for the curious person who wants to learn a bit more about some  style, or the lone student stranded without teacher or pals. We’re not here to substitute for the irreplaceable experience of having a teacher.

So here are two new texts (with a third one still coming) all from Hong Kong, a Pak Mei stronghold.

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