An Historical Event: The Cang County Record

Cang County

The famous Cang County Record

In 1992 an historical event in Chinese martial arts took place. The first record of the lineage, styles and teachers of Cang County was published. Now Cang County is one of the poorest in China. But for centuries it has counted, as one of its products exportable or not, the creation of major martial artists. Not only the artists destined for dangerous lives as body guards and security officers (and sometimes worse) but those also known as teachers who took such Cang specialties as Baji Quan, Pi Gua Zhang, Lost Track Fist and other forms out of the county and into China’s martial world. We DON’T recommend this for everyone. But it has taken us years to locate the copies we have on store and, for those interested in or involved in research, this may be a very useful tool.

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