The Five Pattern Boxing of Hung

The Five Animal Fist of Hung Kuen


This is a great old pair of books dedicated to the Five Animal form of Hung Gar. The interesting thing about this set is that it can be practiced with the animals separated or linked. There are a lot of stories and notes about this particular branch of Hung. Written by Leung Ting and demonstrated by the expressive hands of Yuen Yit Kai.

3 Responses to “The Five Pattern Boxing of Hung”

  1. Hal Asbury says:

    I wonder if some of the application targets are not the best ones… I think maybe what are shown as forehead hits with fingertip are really carotid shots… Still, even so- Fun books!

  2. Plum Staff says:

    You are right, Hal, a lot of the applications in these older books came from an era when media was not showing ten year olds how to spin a neck. Most of them are what we called “transferred” that is to say near but not ON the right spots.

  3. nunh says:

    I almost wish I never found this site – I will be broke soon 🙂

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