Ooops! on Gao JiWu DVDs

Gao JiWu Bagua Zhang DVDs


Well, this is an embarrassing first for us: we announced earlier that the wonderful Gao JiWu DVDs are subtitled in english. NOT true! (Apparently Ted’s brain has a subtitle system of its own, but we cannot export that; he reports that he must have been viewing the applications and they were so clear, he was translating them as he watched.)

Anyway, one of our astute customers pointed this out and when we stopped blushing, we went back to check: sure enough, no subtitles.

But the good news is, in going back, we paid even closer attention to what is included, and what’s there is pretty great: As well as instruction on the 64 Attacking Hands, there is a survey showing Two-Headed Spear, Straight Sword, Dragon Bagua, Two-Person Swimming Body, Swimming Body, Eight Big Palms…and more.

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