Zhang Jian Ping: XY expert

Zhang Jian Ping was born in CangZhou, Hebi.  His father was Zhang Ying Xiang, the head of the Pigua school often known as “Iron Arm Zhang.” His uncle, Zhang ZhiJiang, was curator of the Central Martial Arts Association, Nanjing. After learning from his father and uncle then moving to XuXhou he was accepted as a student of Qian ShuQiao (Bagua disciple of Zhang ZhanKui) learning Xing Yi Quan and Bagua Zhang from him. He became the eight generation holder under Qian in the generation known as Huang. He  also garnered the 4th inheritor of Qian’s Bagua.

Meanwhile Zhang’s father had become a friend of Chen Fa Ke who agreed to teach his son. It is said that Jiang achieved the essence of the Chen Taiji. Besides a deep understanding of the standard styles of Taiji such as Wu and Yang, the young Zhang learned the secret Hua Mountain Fu style of Taiji from Zheng RuPing. Then he added the One Character Taiji of Hu YaoZhen who had, with Peng Fu Yuan and Dai Wen Jun)  started the first Qigong school in Beijing in 1956.  Later Zhang, Sha GuoZheng and He FuSheng collaborated to create very popular paired Taiji sets.

Other instructors Zhang encountered included: Li JingLin (132 WuDang Sword), Ma Ying Tu (Pigua), Yang ShouShan (Tan Tui), Wang ZiPing, Huang BoNian, Zhu GuoFu, Zhao Bin, Sha GuoZHeng, Je FuSheng, Wang ZiHe, Wen JingMing , Wang XiangZhai (Yi Quan) Lu Ling Yun, Li San Yuan (Dai style, Che Xing Yi), Guo PeiYuan (Xing Yi) and Zhang HeNian (Xing Yi), Zhang ZhiYuan (Yi style Bagua).

Responsibilities over the years include:
Teaching in Hong Kong at the request of Ou ShaoYong
General Coach in HuaChang Martial Arts Team, Macao
Malaysia at the request of Liang LiTang, President of Xue Long Lion Assoc.
Founded Warrior Martial Arts in GuangZhou in 2005
Taught martial arts in Southern China
2009 Employed as general consultant in martial arts by GZ Beauty

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