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This is, to my memory, the first time we have ever posted a DVD that has no English on it. The reason we are doing this is that this beautiful and famous style, Cha Boxing, is completely under-represented in our DVD collection. This is even more poignant considering its huge contribution to Contemporary Wushu. Everything in this small series is pretty much self explanatory as long as you have the limberness of a ballet dancer. Actually Cha is a wide open style true to its Long Fist designation and doesn’t necessarily have to stretch you to your maximum. Also spelled “Zha” style it was the property for centuries in the hands of the Chinese Muslim population and therefore retained not only its beauty but its fierce functionality.


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  1. Ron Quan says:

    Hello Ted,

    Happen to come across your online article on the Ermei styles of kung-fu. Like yourself, having been interested in much of the history of external Chinese martial arts as well as having been a practioner of northern Mi-Tzung LoHan, I found your website interesting. Having had a unique to traditional “long-fist” styles, I was particularly intriqued with your Cha Style DVD. Finally, after decades with no information coming out of the mainland, we are finally able to witness the breathtaking artistry of another “long-fist” style. One can easily see its influence in the formation of modern wushu Changchuan. Anyway, I wanted to express my appreciation to you for advertising this DVD and yes, I would certainly like a copy for my own personal collection…..even though I no longer have the same ability level or enthusiasm as when I was younger. Thanks Ted and good to know that you’re still around. Remembered reading several of your articles in Inside Kung-fu magazine. I remembered the fact that you may live in the Santa Cruz area where I used to go visit when my son attended UCSC. Best regards from Los Angeles Chinatown.

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