Sifu Ma Hong In Your Living Room

We are so excited about this that we are posting an announcement ahead of our stock coming in (which we expect next week).

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We have just reviewed an entire DVD series by Sifu Ma Hong on Chen Tai Chi,  which includes 7 discs on Lao Jia, 3 on Pao Chui, and 4 on Basics, Techniques, Usage, and general principles for which Sifu Ma is deservedly esteemed. All DVDs have english subtitles. Of the  more than 2000 DVDs and VCDs Plum represents and has personally reviewed, these are some of the best  that we have seen. Sifu Ma is confident and thorough in his presentation; he personally demonstrates, then uses an obviously senior student to perform what he is discussing, while he makes corrections and details the finer points, traps, and energies of the moves. His Fa Jing is strong and you would most likely have to be a senior student yourself  to see this quality and type of instruction in this rarely shown aspect of the art.

If you want to be informed when it lands, click on the picture above and send us an email. We don’t know h0w many we will get in the first batch.

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