Memory Guan

Being at the center of a lot of email correspondence, I learn from many customers about their experiences in the arts. Sometimes it’s just a line, sometimes a whole story. Though not something that most people talk about, studying martial arts is a very personal experience. Teaching yourself to learn a form, physically interacting with others, becoming a part of a school and its community…all of these things are as important as the memorized techniques, idiosyncratic uniforms, and cool jump kicks.

One of our long-time correspondents recently sent me this recollection and I thought it would be nice to share it:

Funnily enough yakking on has dislodged an old memory of when I was
formally training.The club was on the first floor of an old victorian
red brick building.The floor was wooden with bare brick walls to which
mirrors were fitted at either end of the room,which was about 60 feet
long and about 30-40 feet across. I was friendly with our instructor
and him me and another lad, Dave, used to do the Sanchin kata
in the middle of the floor, and when we tensed at the end of each
move, the mirrors used to vibrate. If any one visited the club,say
looking to join, we used to do our ‘party piece’.

Ye gods,I dragged that up from the bootstraps!

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