Thanksgiving Weekend Seminar With Jason Tsou

tsouDr Eric Kohatsu, CSULA Dept. of Psychology & Chi Kung Int’l present Sifu Jason Tsou:

Shou Bo (Responsive Hand)

Sat & Sun. Nov. 28 & 29th, 2009 at CSULA Phase II Student Lounge. 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

In many ways the term Push Hands is a misnomer. In this seminar Sifu Tsou will teach the meaning of responsive hand whether it is used to listen to another’s energy, divert that energy, control that energy or issue power.

The term Shou Bo is much older than Taiji Quan. Using this term brings with it the benefits of Taiji Push Hands without all the misconceptions and other attendant baggage. Shou Bo training is not limited to Taiji. This training will benefit everyone with martial art background. The seminar will include both single and two-man training exercises. The focus will be on learning the underlying theories whether for health, general interest or competition.

Topics include

•Random Circles

•Yin Yang Balance


•Mirror Image

•Front Wheel Drive Rear Wheel Drive

•Accessing the autonomic system

•The true meaning of the Taiji 13 postures and how to apply them

The first day will emphasize Ting Jing (listening energy) and Hwa Jing (diverting energy) the second day will focus on Na Jing (controlling energy) and Fa Jing (issuing power).

This is the seminar that you cannot afford to miss!

$220.00 General Public $125.00 for one day

$150.00 class members $85 for one day

$50.00 for students (with valid full time student I.D.) $35.00 for one day

Contact Dr. Eric Kohatsu 310-968-8871 or Art Schonfeld at (818) 438-1887