Kang Ge Wu, Professor and Historian

Kang Ge Wu was born in Zhaotong, Yunnan Province in 1948.

He initiated his martial arts at an early age with Qin Peng. In 1964 he began following Shao Guo Zheng and He FuSheng. In 1973 he finished his postgraduate work at the Beijing University of Physical Education. He was awarded a Masters Degree is Education. Since that time he has been a member of the YunNan Province Wushu Team, the Beijin Municipal Wushu Team and the China National Wushu Delegation. He ahs taught in YunNan, Beijing and at the Koln Institute of Physical Education in Germany. After 1990 he served on the Wushu Research Institute of Chinese Sports Committee. At present he is a head researcher for the Wushu Research Institue of the Chinese General Bureau of Sports, as well as serving as director of the Research Section of the Wushu Management Center. He is also the secretary general of the Chinese Academy of Sports Science, the secretary general of the Chinese Wushu Association and the vice president of the Traditional committee of the International Wushu Federatiion.

He has published many monographs and texts, such as the Chinese Martial Arts Practical  Encyclopedia, The Spring and Autumn of Chinese Martial Arts, A Course in Bagua Zhang Boxing (DVD), and the Spring and Autumn of Chinese Martial Arts (English Edition). He is also one of the authors of A History of Chinese Wushu, a Complete Dictionary of Chinese Wushu.

He has attended Wushu events in Germany, France, England, Spain, USA, Mexico, Canada, Singapore , Russia, Australia, Macao and Taiwan.

Professor Kang  has done more research on the origins of BaGua than anyone who has ever lived. While preparing his papers in Chinese History for his Master’s Degree, he completed the following investigations:

Examined over 650 documents from Ching Palace history books

Read over 250 papers relating to Martial Arts

Researched the background of over 410 instructors in 24 provinces

Personally went to 16 cities in 9 provinces

Interviewed over 250 people creating 270 plus documents

Personally investigated claims of Tung Hai-Chuan’s connection to Er Mei and Chiu Hua (9 Flower) mountains.

Professor Kang Ge WuHis own love affair with Chinese martial arts, especially BaGua, started early. When he was 16 he began studies with the famous instructor Sha Guo-Zheng not only learning the movements but personally hand copying Sha’s books on BaGua. His other work such as a Chinese Martial Arts dictionary with hundreds of styles and his Cha Fist history book, have actually won awards. He is the author of the Spring and Autumn of Chinese Martial Arts published by Plum, his first book in English. Professor Kang is a tremendous resource to the Chinese martial community. When one of our staff visited China last year he graciously hosted her meeting major teachers while tirelessly carrying on interviews himself. Professor Kang is nowa top offical in China’s largest WuShu organization. A staunch supporter of traditional martial arts, he had brought historical veracity and excellent research to his field. He is the first and foremost of an entirely new breed of martial researchers.

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