Exceeded My Expectations
"Everything arrived in great condition. Your hurt books are in better shape than most regular books. Also, great job packing the order, with the cardboard. I usually don't leave feedback or comments, but everything far exceeded my expectations."


Clear Idea
Hi Debbie,
 Thank you very much ! Because of your business, I have a clear idea about I want from Martial World ! It is nice to order from you, your service and the prices are the best !! Also I appreciated some of the Info and some of the articles !
 Happy Holly days! Merry Christmas!! Best regards,

Hello Debbie and Plum Publications!
Thanks for the shipping discount. I want you to know that I visit your website at least five times a week, and it really decompresses me when I get stressed out. (:
Best wishes!

I just wanted to say that you are doing a great service for the martial arts community. All that is generally available on the east coast outside of NewYork City is Shotokan Karate, Tae Kwon Do, and Kenpo Karate. There are exceptions, such as a guy in Georgia who teaches Kung Fu, but when he was asked by a friend of mine to define the term 'shaolin,' he couldn't. That is why I call him a guy but not a sifu. This guy also teaches Wu style Tai Chi, and when I asked him why, he replied that you have to teach the hard with the soft. I thought that was a nothing answer. I have nothing against the various karate styles. I have done them myself, off and on, for thirty plus years. They can be done with a Shaolin attitude, which what we all had to settle for at one time, but thanks to you, offering us these VCD's at great prices, it is possible to do some reasonably authentic kung fu.
I hope you can remain in business for a long time, and continue to offer
these great VCD's at great prices.Thanks again,

Just wanted to say thank you, you have provided the best and most personable service I have ever seen.  Have gotten nothing but quality with absolutely no complaints.  Thanks again.
Very Respectfully,

Dear Sir or Ma'am:
I want to thank you profusely for the excellent service. I received my order amazingly fast and I am quite pleased with the product. I am a beginning student of Chinese Martial Arts and have found some difficulty in finding good resources where I live (midwest). As such, I am very excited about your prolific selection of materials. I look forward to ordering again very soon. Also, Could you possibly suggest some good VCD's that are good resources for a beginning Chinese Martial Arts practitioner?
Your help is appreciated and thanks again!

Hi Debbie,
 ......I have almost read the website from “cover to cover”, I am still in awe that this material is available.  And, even more thankful than when I last wrote.  I have only practiced an Okinawan karate system and have gotten so many answers to questions from the work done by you and and by the many people taking on the task of translating Chinese texts into English.  It has made my kata more enjoyable not to mention more workable.
Editing this I find it sounding a bit sappy and I apologize, but I’ve spent fifteen years studying a hard style and it is becoming softer everytime I learn something new.  Kinda like using a rock to pound nail until someone gives a hammer.  I feel like I must thank someone.
Very truly yours,

Thanks for the reply. I will probably order the lot of them when I get back from vacation. I also wanted to let you know how well I think you and Debbie run your business. I cannot think of any other place I shop that gives honest candid advice on their videos. Not only do you give great advice on the phone but you also you post it on your web. I find your feedback on these VCD's extremely helpful.
Regards, BJ

Hello, Debbie!
What a lovely reply. I always find humane commerce thrilling. You folks are great! I received my order almost instantly. There was one book out of stock, Zee's Tai Chi Chuan, which I sould still like to purchase if it becomes available, new, used, or hurt. The Plum website is wonderful. Your content is the best of any of the martial arts sites I've visited, and the site itself is very fast and easy to navigate. Congratulations to all involved!! I'm glad I signed up, although I don't know exactly what for, but I trust I'll be hearing about good stuff for sale, and good articles by your very cool contributors.
Thanks a bunch!

Thank you so much for taking the time to give me your advice --I really appreciate it! Here in Lincoln, NE, such knowledge or skill in the Chinese Arts is pretty much impossible to come by --what I learn I either have to pick up somehow on my own, or get from a seminar in the region-- so I'm really grateful when I get knowledge from someone in person.
Best wishes, T

Hi, EXCELLENT site! Thank you for your invaluable service of providing rare books (in Chinese) and articles about martial arts!

Great Selection of products. Very nice range of styles. Thank you for your service to the Kung-Fu culture.
BM - new registrant

WE TRY ...
Once again I am delighted by your efforts;please accept my sincere thanks. When I first started trawling the internet for a martial arts site, I never imagined I would find anything approaching the quality, service, expertise and knowledge that you provide. It might , sound a little silly but I feel privileged to be able to converse with such well known and respected sifus like yourselves. Again, many thanks,
Yours, DP

I must say, I am looking forward to them! I have found the books so far excellent, and the range of books , videos, and dvds you have is truely amazing.I know Iam guilty of saying this before, but I really am bewildered by the vast range of  material you provide together with the gold star service you provide.Once again, my heartfelt thanks.
Yours DP, England

Thank you for your reply, I will certainly order cds from you. Just a question, you sell products I cannot find anywhere else. How did you get all this stuff?
F --
new customer from France


Again I want to congratulate you for such a great service to the martial arts community
Sincerely JA, MEXICO


I've received the last shipment without any problems. I'm very satisfied with Shayman Plum Publications. You have really good connections with great masters. I'm practicing Tai-chi Chuan for about ten years now. Before I'd been practiced Judo and also a lot of sports. Whole my life is filled with ,moving', practicing. I'd started with Tai-chi Chuan when I was 30. Martial arts are very imported for my soul. They are keeping me in balance, constantly improves my general condition. I like your motto: "Don't fight visit Plum". You have also chosen very good video format such is VCD. The price is also very reasonable. I will keep in touch with your production in the future.
DR, Solvenia


It works with this player! Thank you so very much. Debbie, you have my eternal gratitude :). You concern, attention to this matter, and promptness of reply is greatly appreciated, and is also why plumpub has such a tremendous reputation amongst martial artists from all around. You and your company are one of the best out there, and because you continue to provide great service and product, even when things don't always go a customer's way, which I know is not your fault, you always come through with a solution, this is why I gladly continue to do business with your company, and promote it in the martial circles that I have dealings with. Once again Debbie, thank you so very much for your concern/attention to this, and for once again providing great service.

To be sure, I am a Sifu of Shen Men Tao Kung Fu (Tai Chi, Hsing Yi, Bagua, and Taoist alchemy) as taught by my Sifu GS. I have benefited in many ways. Often, the CDs, DVDS, and books you supply add insight and point of view to my training and teaching. I rarely learn the actual forms but gain perspective on what I already have. Additionally, I gain insights on alchemy and flavor about teaching, application, and principles from seeing some of the older current masters.
Thank you for some of the unique offerings and insight from Plum!


I've already ordered 3 sword vcd's from you, and they are great. :) Can't wait to get more later. It's refreshing finding such a place online that's not only worked on by dedicated Martial artists, but it also a labor of love. I hope your site continues to florish.
:) -MS






By the way, I was looking at your site and found three books I thought were out of print. Its like being a kid in a candy store!
LB, Shihfu


Dear Debbie, dear Ted,
I have just received the books and DVD, and everything is in very good condition (even the "hurt" books, which actually look quite "healthy"...). Thanks a lot for the prompt treatment of my order: things arrived much faster than I would have expected (even orders from local (French) online stores generally tend to take more time).
Best wishes - M


I would like to tell that Chen Style Taijiquan by Feng Zhi Qiang is an excellent book which I received from you today with respect to the martial applications of each and every form. We do not see a similar book or vcd nowadays. Martial applications are usually neglected. It is a pity that this book is not around now. Thank you for your foresight to collect these books on time.
Regards, AO, Turkey


...The book about Wu Jian Quan Sword is fabulous. The best book about sword I've ever seen. The "best part" is that it's a book about Wu Jian Quan Tai Chi Sword :) (I practice Wu Jianquan Tai Chi). I've trained fencing long time in my youth, so I know "something" ;) about PRACTICAL side of swordplay. It's nice to see that some Chinese Kung fu systems have that practical attitude. Between that all VCD's I've bought till now, the best swordplay is in Tong Bei (marvelous technique, exceptionally good "work of wrist"), Liu He Mantis and Wu Tai Chi. That book is extremely valuable for me. Thank You

Piotr O, Poland



Dear Ted and Debbie
Writing to you to say thanks. The tape, Ba Gua The Art of Change by yourselves, and the book, Joseph Crandall's translation of the BaGuaZhang Lianxi Fa by Jiang Ronqgiao has answered many questions and has provided much to practice and learn. Your tape provided clear instruction and some added insights into practice methods I had read about but never seen, e.g. post work. The book provides a look from another view point. All of which has provided a clearer understanding. .... In closing I'd just like to comment on a curious thing. I can't explain it. Perhaps in time I'll be able to define it. But, practicing Ba Gua simply makes me happy.
Happy Holidays, JR





Good Evening Ted and Debbie,
I have just received my order today. I could not wait to tell you how excited I was while going through the Chinese wrestling book by Dong Zhongyi. The book is well structured, demonstrating a very deep and utilitarian understanding of the printed and visual media for that time (I have seen many contemporary martial arts books fail in this area; hey, I have seen videos fail in this area). The photographs are amazing; the techniques are clear. It was a wonderful trip back in time. Did Dong Zhongyi write any more books? If so, bring them on! (you are most welcome to use this in a customer review) If there was any disappointment with my order, it would be the photographs in the book Bagua Concise Course. The photographs, though clear, seemed slightly hazy; when examined closely, I realized that I was seeing the perforations on the photo. I wish there was a better way to enhance the image. Nevertheless, having the book is better than hearing about it. Will there ever be a volume two to your Ba Gua video? May your products continue to be unique.




YAN QING of Tang Mountain...
Dear Debbie and Ted,  

I just reviewed the VCD on San Bu Jia (3 Step Form).  What a pleasant surprise.  The instructor Yuan Gua Jun is passionate about his art.  His confidence makes a seemingly simple fist into a one of beauty.  Once I read that the real hidden meaning of each movement was kept from outside eyes just as the united states kept the MX missile secret from outside countries.   I did not realize that each movement had such interesting and simple applications as he demonstrates in this VCD.    Master Yuan Gua Jun is definitely a fellow brother in Wushu and one we can all be proud to have promoting the Chinese Martial Arts.    Again, thanks for recommending Yan Qing from the Tang Mountain Branch.  So far I only have the O-Mei Mountain Yan Qing to compare my understanding about Yan Qing but I know that a young, aspiring Martial Artist could do much worse.    Take Care, M

And then there's Li Hong. Good, sound, straight-forward and powerful Xing-Yi taught in just about the most concise and learnable way I've ever seen - he's certainly coAll those Li Hong XY dvds are good value. My main interest in XY is to get the five element punches and rushes as good as possible and use them for linking between other things from other martial arts -  XY is very versatile for that. Frankly I don't actually find the "Animals" all that useful in themselves, but I bought the four Animal disks to see Li do a lot of diverse XY and that's certainly paid off. He has wonderful and practical technique, he's as fast as lightning and in covering a lot of ground at a single bound he's not far behind Superman - not bad for a bloke of about five foot one. inced me to put more time into XY...

All those Li Hong XY dvds are good value. My main interest in XY is to get the five element punches and rushes as good as possible and use them for linking between other things from other martial arts - XY is very versatile for that. Frankly I don't actually find the "Animals" all that useful in themselves, but I bought the four Animal disks to see Li do a lot of diverse XY and that's certainly paid off. He has wonderful and practical technique, he's as fast as lightning and in covering a lot of ground at a single bound he's not far behind Superman - not bad for a bloke of about five foot one. All those Li Hong XY dvds are good value. My main interest in XY is to get the five element punches and rushes as good as possible and use them for linking between other things from other martial arts - XY is very versatile for that. Frankly I don't actually find the "Animals" all that useful in themselves, but I bought the four Animal disks to see Li do a lot of diverse XY and that's certainly paid off. He has wonderful and practical technique, he's as fast as lightning and in covering a lot of ground at a single bound he's not far behind Superman - not bad for a bloke of about five foot one. All those Li Hong XY dvds are good value. My main interest in XY is to get the five element punches and rushes as good as possible and use them for linking between other things from other martial arts - XY is very versatile for that. Frankly I don't actually find the "Animals" all that useful in themselves, but I bought the four Animal disks to see Li do a lot of diverse XY and that's certainly paid off. He has wonderful and practical technique, he's as fast as lightning and in covering a lot of ground at a single bound he's not far behind Superman - not bad for a bloke of about five foot one.

This series of bagua by Sun Zhijun is awesome. I've been practicing those basics since I bought the VCD.This is the purest bagua I've ever seen.
LC .


Anyway, Chuang Li is a bit of a blast. His technique and movements are pristine and he's a good teacher. The Spirit Dragon TC appears to be rather more than "Shaolin performed with TC's "floating" feeling". After all, all Taoist TC styles tend to look either like Shaolin or a combination of Shaolin and Ba Gua. I'd certainly call the Spirit Dragon stuff "real" Tai Chi with some very nice silk reeling and legwork. Some of it is in fact rather reminiscent of Chen done with Yang relaxation and fluidity. Another thing to could consider is that Chen itself could be seen as sophisticated Shaolin done soft with spiraling - Chen is certainly a lot more like Shaolin than Yang is - Yang Lu Chan made some big changes there. For instance, Chen is full of horse stances, even if flexible and differentially weighted - there's hardly a horse stance to be seen in Yang....

I just reviewed Feng Mo Palm and Fei Kong Palm. Master Duan is someone who I would really like to meet. His performance is fantastic. So much power and agility. The style looked like a cross between Pigua and Fa Men. Just great. Not at pretty as Piguazhang or Fa Men, neither as smooth as Kun Lun but definitely powerful. You were right to recommend these VCDs. The instruction is broken down step by step and is very learnable. Master Duan's movement appear at time a little unsteady but at his age who can complain. I hope that , his art is not lost and is carried on for future generations. I really wish that I had someone of his caliber here in Colorado to learn from. My library continues to grow with styles that can only be dreamed about , thanks you both of you.
Again, thank you for recommending Master Duan's art to me.
Sincerely, MS

Dearest Ted and Debbie,
P.S. I want to tell you and your company that the VCDs that I have acquired from you are wonderful. I started to study Chinese Long Fist and Taijiquan in 1974 and fell in love with Wushu. the VCDs are truly a treasure for such a low price. Thank you again.
Sincerely, MS

The VCD's arrived yesterday. I am disappointed in the following: VCD#1017....
This should not be a double VCD. Volume 2 section 7 and 8 are identical. The player only does the first palm on both sides. All of the other seven palms are done left side only. The whole 8 palm series is never completed uninterupted. The opening three steps are repeated for every palm and in a lugubrious slow motion version that uses up all the space on the double VCD. A master player displaying poor execution of the media.
Thank you (and sorry for being difficult) C

But here's another view ...

Having been a bagua enthusiast for many years, I must say that VCD#1017 featuring Ma lin Cheng is an excellent introduction into the wonderful world of Bagua Zhang. The form is demonstrated with grace and fluid motion that would permit most anyone the ability to learn this most basic of Bagua forms. Indeed, the Ba Mu Zhang I myself would consider to be the closest one will get to the "original" form of Baguazhang, as taught by Dong Hai Quan. I wish to thank the team at for making items such as these available to the western world at an unbeatable price. Sincerely Yours; RM

VCD #2
Hello... RC
I just received my vcd of Baji Small Frame. Great!!! This really IS like spending an hour with a master... Even tho I only know a tiny speck of chinese, it wouldn't matter if I were fluent in the language... The instruction on this VCD is so precisely demonstrated, that it is very easy to understand the movements of the form...
I am trully satisfied.
Thanks... RC



Thank you...I just got my Wong Fei Hong VCD's today. They are by far the Best I ever bought from you. Awesome...... I showed them to my Shifu and got her approval. She is a Chinese Wushu Team Gold Medalist, and very picky! Keep up the great work....and good business to you both. I am a very satisfied customer.


Tks Debbie,
The Pear Blossom Spear / White Ape Staff VCD was great! I was able to really add some fine detail work to my form. I keep it on my computer at work and watch a portion of it everyday and always pick up a new detail or two.
Thank you, JA


... As mentioned in a previous email thanks for sending all the stuff through ,very good it is as well except, for the two Eagle Claw vcd's (Assorted and Shaolin VCDs page 10). Quality is as good as the others I have seen, however the material is poor. I would not recommend them to anybody for any purpose. Not even as wu-shu learning vcd's. The feedback is not to be viewed negatively by plumpub at all, just simply as open and sincere input. By the way Ken Fish sends his best... He speaks very highly of both yourself and Ted.
Kind regards


... The Tian YinYang Bagua VCD's are great. I don't know what he's doing but it looks "better" (whatever that means) than just about any filmed Bagua that I've seen. I've wondered what it looked like for years, ever since I bought my now dog-eared copy of the Python form. A book recently replaced by your great services. I'll buy anything from this style. I had the same reaction when I saw the late Kenny Gong's Twin Butterfly Hsing-I routine. It didn't look quite right but it did look like the "real deal" Scott Sonnen's Ameross tapes are the same way.
- A

Hi Debbie,
you're right about that; you see, by now I have watched some very representative Northern wushu styles (Eagle claw in Leung Shum's book, Cha Chuan, etc.) and found them all very beautiful; however the Cotton Fist series is not only well structured (there is a curriculum, or syllabus behind) but well demonstrated and explained -this including applications- as well. Besides, I personally find this system (which is mixed here with Fan Tzi kung fu) the most elegant from all the ones I have the chance of watching. I really would recommend it as a standard sample to anyone curious about Northern Style kung fu. Now, I'm surprised at the fact that Cotton Fist seems to be virtually unknown outside China, wheras there is a lot of fuss about other Northern style systems. I forgot mentioning that: the Tai Chi Mantis and Tong Bei (Chi Family and Liu He) series are also great. This not just because they are interesting styles but also because there are aplications and hints about usage. Unfortunately though I cannot state the same about the Seven-Star Mantis series: beautifully performed taolu, but no information about usage, thus a reduction of the style to a perfomance art. Pity!
Yours SR -Spain



Greetings and Happy New Year, Ted!
I have just received your latest work on the Shaolin Cane set from Kwong Wing Lam (incidentally Wing Lam is my Sigung). Anyways it is an excellent video and it is a set that I wanted to learn for a long time, even though I now dedicate most of my time to the 'taoist' arts (Bagua & Taiji in particular). What a practical weapon to use in today's society, just like the Savate practitioners in France who use the cane in place of the sword. I don't think the local constable would appreciate us carrying swords! I would like to see Sun Lu Tang's Bagua Sword form performed with a cane...that would be nice. Again, good work!
Regards, KH

You have an excellent selection of tai chi videos that is unmatch
ed in other internet sites. I am very pleased.
AF, new registrant

Great job on your Bagua tapes. I also practice Jiang Rong Jiao's bagua via Zhang Lu Ping style, albeit different than Ted practices it. I incorporated some of your great chi gung and straight line drills into my daily regimen.
EM, longtime customer



Furthermore, yet another remark: the "China's Living Treasures Chen Style Chin Na applications" Video I bought last time is really excellent. From my point of view, coming from a Ju Jitsu background, they are outstanding because, as you already write in your descriptions, they are the only credible demonstrations I have seen so far ("This is not one of those over simplified versions where the Chin Na would only work on someone who is cooperating."). I will never understand why a simple push should throw your opponent - even the best Aikidokas I have worked with yet were not capable of such a thing. Not that these actions would not work breaking the balance - but that's it. What I miss very often in other demonstrations is what comes after breaking the balance.
Yours, EB


Dear Debbie,
Some weeks ago I received the two tapes "BaGua - The Art of Change" and my first impression is: Wonderful! Congratulations I watched the tapes several times now and each time I find a new aspect , a new idea, a further step to go. I learned that BaGua is not only walk in circle, but to move like a circle, to be a circle. And so to be everywhere and nowhere at the same time.
Now I start BaGua Lessons with my teacher, Master S XJ, who is in Germany for two months. He is a Master in Chen Taiji , XingYi and BaGua as well. (I practice Chen Taiji and XingYi) Then I will continue my studies by myself and I am convinced your tapes with all the basic exercises and theoretical explanations will help me to get a small view into the gigantic world of this beautiful internal art. I like to thank you for this great teaching aids. many kind regards
HN Germany

I was impressed by the level of detail of the two tapes I received. Thank to you and Sifu Mancuso. I really enjoyed the section on Chin Na. Do you have a tapes just on the Chin na application? Because my art is closely related, I found it easy to understand.

Hi Debbie,
I just saw on your site that you have Futshan Bak Mei first form. I will definitly be ordering that title soon. My question was do you know if Plumpub. will be getting any more dvd's on White Eyebrow. I am very much into this style, but it is hard to find real instruction (charlatans everywhere), but if you guys offer it then I trust it is authentic.
P.S. Still loving Sifu Mancuso's Bagua. Never had an instruction tape so easy to learn from. Great Form as well. Well, anyway thanks again for your time and offering such rare finds.
Sincerely, A

Hi Debbie...
....I did get up very early this morning and watch Sifu Mancuso's videos and I was really impressed with the quality and amount of information; additionally it just nice to hear someone say ' all these style look different, they're all authentic.. make 'em your own' I do like the figure it out approach right foots steps out to 47 degrees while you eyes look right, left hand circle 220 degrees... blah blah. To me the value of any of the martial arts tapes I have from Larry Tatum Kempo to Joe Simonet is to be able to WATCH these guys move and say to myself 'ok how do I move like that' From my viewing Sifu Mancuso's tape will be right there with them - so I won't be able to MATCH him - I may be able to ask myself "OK, how do I turn like that or move forward like that' ...

... I just watched the two "Ba Gua: The Art of Change" tapes and I wanted to let you know I think you guys did a great job on them. I myself "just" started learning Ba Gua about a month ago, before that it was Chang Quan and Mi Zong, but I think the tapes are going to help a lot ( they stress the basics which is what my instructor always does.) I hope your other customers realize how much  good information you get on the tapes. Once again, great job!

very very very Grateful for the video tape Bagua" the art of change" I purchase many tapes on several martial arts BUT few with such good detail instruction.the lecture on silk reeling was on eye opener ,since I am not an internal stylist yet! Sufi Ted's Expertise in teaching shows .He took the complicated "eight palm changes" and presented them in a easy to learn manor again I say THANK YOU . any books or videos you can recommend to help me learn more about Chaing style eight palm change will be appreciated
thank you - E

Hi Shifu Mancuso and Hi Debbie,
I had to write this email. Shifu Mancuso's Bagua Video is the best video on Bagua I have ever seen. I've had instructors in the Bagua Art and none of them has come even close to helping me understand what Bagua is....Until now. This instructional tape is a Godsend. Shifu Mancuso has helped me understand the nature of the art. I have been in Martial Arts for 18 years and I finally know what I want to spend my now limited time studying. Please tell Shifu Mancuso THANKS SO MUCH FOR THIS VIDEO. I will be ordering the Bagua Body as well soon. He is truly better on video than the 3 Instructors I've had in the past( and they were good ). I dont really know what else to say other than thanks for taking time out to make such a comprehensible and available tape that anyone can learn from. You are truly an amazing martial artist and teacher. I hope one day to be able to meet you and with your permission perhaps practice some Bagua.
Again Thank You, Sincerely, AW

I am really enjoying the Bagua Tape #2. Some very good exercises I haven't seen before. It's about time someone explained the silk-reeling in bagua and actually showed it. Great stuff! My original bagua teacher never mentioned silk reeling, but after studying Chen tai chi for the past few years, Shihfu Mancuso has just hit me over the head with a two-by-four.
:)) KW


Thank You for sending the 2 tapes! They are really well done and I wish they could set the standard for other teaching tapes.

Thank You for Your help..


Dear Debbie,
Thank you for your fast shipping. The tapes are simply splendid. I wish you all the best.
MT, France


Hi Debbie, I really enjoyed is well can tell the dvd is an expression of the love of their art....... my Bak Mei comes from C LC's Lineage tree (Hong Kong based, it is more explosive & tighter than the FutShan version). But never the less, an excellent DVD with lots of similarities............please let me know if you ever get anymore bak mei or hakka material.
Thanx again & have a great weekend Debbie ( & a hello to Ted) JG

Thanx so much for the compliment Debbie
.......yes it is a very good DVD......& it is really something that they would produce & issue it to the general martial arts you know it is extremely hard to find any printed or video material on Bak Mei......thumbs up to them & you to carry it.......these people really know the FutShan version extremely well.
GOD bless Kung Fu. JG


Hi Debbie, hi Ted,
Thank you for sending the DVD's. Have you ever heared of getting addicted to watching DVD? You can. I can't stop watching the beautiful Taiji long form and sword form.
Best regards - C, Germany

















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