First, be advised that all of these VCD's are IN CHINESE ONLY. In our opinion that doesn't matter much because the instruction is clear and the quality of photography very good. But we will not accept returns just because people didn't read... IN CHINESE ONLY. Given that, these are really tremendous deals for the money. Each of these special VCD's can be played on a computer for full enjoyment. Made for PC's they are also Mac compatible by downloading Quick time (for free) and any similar VCD player program. Also playable on most DVD players. For less than $10.00? Wow!


Demonstrators: various.
Here's a wonderful collection of those styles generally underrepresented. Here, for instance, is Eight Methods, Eagle boxing and more.

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VCD#1495 SAN HE Boxing
Triple VCD, VCD pricing, Chinese Only


Teacher: Zhao Xin Shen (b. 1931) is the creator of this unified form.
In this case the "three unities" are Taiji, Xing Yi and Bagua. Because it was developed by this teacher it is known as "Zhao Style San he" to, say, distinguish it from Sun Lu Tang's work. It was officially introduced in 1973 with government approval and took over 20 years to create. His research brought him into contact with Jiang Xin Shan, Luo Xing Wu, Sun Jian Yun, Cheng You Xing and many concepts to be distilled into this supposedly simpler style.

This Triple VCD shows what is, in essence, the fruit of a life's work. This approximately nine minutes form encompasses noticeable movements from each of the three arts. Teacher Zhao is older and sometimes a little unsteady but you can at least see the product directly from the producer. Less alteration of the basic styles has been made here than we have seen in other "synthetic" forms and the Xing Yi, for instance, is immediately apparent. The remainder of the disks in an in-depth explanation of the form.

VCD#1496 SAN HE Usage and Forms
Double VCD, VCD pricing, Chinese Only


This Double VCD shows the logic of Zhao's system where he lectures and demonstrates on the correlation between the different but related arts as he sees it. He shows simple but direct applications while discoursing on the crossovers between the arts and their common threads. If, as we do, you find interest in this type of comprehensive view, this is an interesting format.

VCD#1455 WuSong Breaks Manacles
About an hour, VCD pricing, English and Chinese


72 movements in 6 sections demonstrated by Dai YueSheng who is also a top trainer and rated referee from KaiFeng Police College. This is another version of the famous contemporary set based on the folk hero Wu Song who, when manacled, was still able to dispatch his opponents. It is also often thought of as a symbolic performance showing the triumph of the Chinese spirit. This is a good version of the form with the hands, usually hand in a butterfly open handed position, being gripped in grasped fists. This version could actually work because it utilizes the actions you really would employ in this situation such as head butts, elbows strikes and hip bumps. Dai is a strong and clean performance and there's always a thrill when Wu Song finally frees himself.Note: This VCD is narrated in English AND Chinese.
See a text on this form.

VCD#759 Eagle Boxing
About an hour, VCD pricing,
Chinese Only


A contemporary set with good instruction. After the main demonstrator shows the set he is accompanied by his orange robed instructor in showing the breakdowns. Applications are modeled with typical Eagle Boxing techniques show.

VCD#638 Tian Feng Style Tai Chi Fan
Triple VCD, VCD pricing, Chinese Only


Like fan sets? Well this one is pretty good with some martial attitude and presentation. The issue with such sets is not that we think everything should be "street oriented" but that if art and performance is the goal why even pretend? On the other hand if you like the blend of martial and performing this might be a good one for you. Much fan flipping and flicking. Triple VCD. NOTE: There have been some audio problems with this VCD,very loud Chinese. If you don't understand Mandarin then just lower the volume.

VCD#89 Northern Style BaFa Fist (8 Methods)
About an hour, VCD pricing, Chinese Only


At Plum we believe that the more interested practitioners are exposed to the wide range of Kung Fu history and skills, the shorter lived will be the mediocre. We have no idea if we'll be able to sell this one, but BaFa is an interesting combination of methods. It has "married" a number of other approaches with its 8 methods such as Split, Turn, Wring. The practitioner, Wu Shih Lu, is skilled with the form resembling Cha and showing a wide range of hard and soft techniques mixed with some of-set timing resembling Canon Fist. Just at the end of this tape is a teaser demonstration of the Partner version showing that this Ba Fa set can be applied to paired practice.
See more info on this style

Heroes Gathering demonstrations
First VCD

These disks begin with a long discussion and lecture sequence with many famous martial practitioners such as Chen Zhen Lai, yang Zhen Dou, Wang Hai chuan of Zhao Bao,
Then Tai Chi demonstrations are performed representative of a number of styles such as Chen Zhen Lei’s Chen Tai Chi, yang Zhen Dou’s Yang Tai Chi, Miao Song’s Wu style, Sun Yong Tian performing Sun style and Hou You performing Ho Tai Chi.
Disk #2
Further famous masters;
Zhang Zhi Jun Chen TC simplified also push hands
Li Tai Chi with Ma Jin Long also TC saber
Chen Qing Zou with Tai Chi ball
Wu style Push hands various
Chen Tai Chi from Yong Fu
ZhaoBao Tai Chi with Wang Chang An
Yang Tai Chi with Li Zhen
Imperial Court yang Tai Chi with Li Zhen
Xing Yi with Di Guo Yong
XY sword with Lee Hong, also Linking Fist
Very slow Tai Chi sword with Zhang Zi Xi then everyone crowding in to feel the qi projected through his sword. The third disk
Shi De Yang : Da Hong Quan
Wu Xing BaFa Shaolin: Qin Qing Feng
Jin style Bagua Deer Horns
Kun Lun Boxing with Huang Shuang Qing
Tai Chi Pear Blossom Spear: Li Cheng Xiang
Three Star Canon Fist: Liu Zhen Hai
Shaolin Quan
WuDang Boxing short stick
Secret Taoist Tai Chi and Chi washing: You Xuan De
Lu Shan Sword: Wang Ping
Mandarin Duck Kicks with Wu Shi Jun
Wu Shi Zhi BaJi Quan
PiGua Miao Dao
White Ape Tong Bei
Cha Quan Jian: Liu Hong Chi
Mi Zong: Li Yu Chan
ZiRan Men’s Du Fei Hu demonstrating Qi control and doing Tai Chi
Five Element Tong Bei
Ti Tang ground fighting
Western Staff demonstrations
Mei Hua Mantis
Six Harmony Mantis: Zhang Dao Jin
Seven Star Mantis: Huo Rui Ting
Ba Shan Fan
Yin style Bagua
Shun Style Monk’s Spade Disk Four
Qu family Tong Bei
Hong Boxing
Emei Boxing Wu Xin Zhan
Tai Chi Mei Hua Mantis
Qing Cheng Taoist Arts
Yue Boxing: Zhang Ye Jin
Chang Nai Zhou style Boxing: Liu Yi Ming
Liang Yi Quan: Duan Bao Hua
Fan Zi Quan
Wu Style Tai Chi Partner Set (Same as the Yang set)
Ziran Men boxing and calligraphy demo, also testicular retraction:Lin Qing Su
Liu He ZiRan
Xiao Style Internal Boxing: Xiao Tie Seng
Chen style Tai Chi Chen Zhen Lei and others round off for a final demo