Chen Tai Chi Chuan Advanced Long Form Parts 1 & 2 - DVD#25034
Instruction - 60 min.    (back to DVD page)

"In traditional Chinese martial arts there are both "outdoor" and "indoor" teaching methods. Outdoor teaching usually refers to content that a master will teach in his public classes. Indoor or advanced teaching refers to private instruction directly from the master, which includes the entire system inclusive of all the subtleties and nuances of the form. On Volumes 34 and 35 Master George Xu of Shanghai teaches the advanced version, which is sometimes called the family form, first form of Chen style taijiquan. In Volume 34 the first two sections of the four are covered. It is composed of five parts: 1. Sections One and Two performed together at normal practice speed, 2. Section One Form Repetition in which a group of movements are performed three times before moving on to the next movements in sequence, 3. Section One performed continuosly, 4. Section Two taught in the same manner as the form repetition of Section One, and 5. Section Two performed in its entirety at normal practice speed. This title like Volume 35 assumes, that you already have built a strong foundation, by mastering the content and philosophy discussed in Volumes 10 and 11 of the China's Living Treasures series. "

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