China's Living Treasures
Weapons Forms

44 minutes , NTSC copy guarded
US $


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This tape shows traditional and contemporary wushu practitioners demonstrating twenty single and multiple person weapon forms. There are 6 double edged sword sets, 3 broad sword, 2 nine section whip sets, double knives, long spear, staff , and 4 multiple weapon sets. Performers range from members of the Beijing Wushu Team, Shanghai Ching Wu Association, and well known masters of traditional systems.

Be advised that this tape is a compilation from others so, for instance, if you buy the CHING WU ASSOCIATIONS tape from this series you already have half of the presentations on this video.

Here is a list of the performances:

Weapon then Performer

Shaolin 6 Harmony Straight Sword Xu MuXuan
Double Edged Sword Xie Gien
Two Person Sword Chen Shi Luai & Zheng YenJia
Yang Tai Chi Sword Fu Shen Yuan
Drunken Sword vs Saber Shi YuLiang vs. Chen Wen
Tai Chi Saber Fu Shen YuanSaber vs. Open Hand Yuan JiXiou & Chen Jien Du
Wu Mei Needles Zhang YenJia
Double Knives Chen ShiLuai
Nine Sectional Whip Zhou Qien
Nine Sectional Whip vs. Staff Shu Wei & Zhao ZhiHao
Long Spear Zhong Kai
3 Sectional Staff vs. Saber Lu Yan & Huei XueiNa
Staff Lu Jien Ming
Nine Section Whip Lu Jien Mind
Staf vs. Shuan Shou Dai Yu XiaoWen & Xie XingFu
Staff vs. Saber & 3 Sectional Staff BeJing WuShu Team
DaMo Cane Shaolin Monk
Beggar Kung Fu Chi Kung Unknown
Internal 5 Element BaGua Chi Kung Ji JienShan