8 Great
T'ai Chi Masters

Yong Nian, China

Each tape 60 Minutes, VHS
Tape One $29.95
Tape Two


10% discount if you order both tapes
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We feel this series of tapes is essential to seeing what real T'ai Chi looks like. It is especially important to Yang stylists who have been convinced that the Yang Long Set is the majority of the Yang Style.
Yong-nian and Han-dan being the original stamping ground of the Yang Family, have many variations and other forms of not only Yang but Wu sets. And the demonstration here is by true masters, people who have practiced their entire lives.

Pure T'ai Chi, no additives.

This tape is narrated in Chinese only ! On the other hand, the excellence of the practitioners is self-explanatory.

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Tape One shows four of the eight masters, all specialists in Yang and Wu styles. They are Yao Ji Zu, Jia Zhi Xiang, Jia An Zhu and Zhou Wen Qi. Unusual performances by famous stylists: Tai Chi on a table, small frame, Yang Ban Hou power exercises, Yang sword and saber, Push Hands.



Tape Two shows Yang Hong-Bi (Yang style), Ren Fu Lin (Wu style),
Guo Wan Hua (Chen style) and Xia Jian Gang (Chen style).

Viewer reaction:

The Eight Great Masters of Yongnian is an incredible tape. I now see how it is possible to do the Taiji form in a 1 meter x 1 meter space (whenever I've encountered that claim, it's always never been understood or tossed into the "myth" category). Masters Jia Zhixiang and Jia Anshu are incredible. It demonstrates how the more popular something becomes (in this case, Yang Taiji), the more watered-down it becomes. After watching this tape, I feel like I started too late in life in order to *really* get a lot of Taiji (at 33, now 37; I know getting it all is impossible anymore). Thanks too for the Dacheng book --it's Prof. Wang's best of the three I have.

Best wishes,

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