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China's Living Treasures with Ye XiaoLong

Volume #1: 70 minutes, vol.#2: 61 minutes,
NTSC copy guarded, US $49.95 each

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This tape features 67 year old Master Ye Xiao Long of Shanghai. He began the study of martial arts, when he was 10 years old. As a recognized master in Shanghai, he has studied with the famous Yang stylist Fu Zhong Wen (in our opinion one of the greatest Yang stylists of the 20th century), and practiced Tai Chi Chuan for over 30 years. Additionally, he has also practiced push hands, two man training, and free form fighting with his kung fu brother Hou Bing Quan, the famous free style fighting coach of Shanghai,who was a student of the legendary Chen tai chi stylist, Chen ZhaoKuei. Master Ye demonstrates the form, basics, and form repetition of each half of the 108 movements.

NOTE: Colleagues of ours have attended Master Ye's seminars in the US and say he is an exceptional martial artist. His emphasis, as you can see in the tapes, is on spinal integrity and correct motion. A student for many years of Lan Shou, his is an approach infused with martial knowledge. His Yang style is relaxed but with firmness and strength at the core. This series requires BOTH TAPES to cover the entire Yang set.