CHEN Style Taijiquan

The Taiji practiced by the Chen family has become far more popular and well known in recent years. Though few dispute their primacy as the creators of what we now call Taiji there are many opinions about the actual practice of this style. Three main forms are acknowledged: Lao Jia or "Old Frame", Pao Chui or "Cannon Fist", and Xin Jia or "New Frame." With these three as a tripod foundation there are, nonetheless, many variations on the forms and practice of this fascinating style...

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Chen TaiJiQuang KF014 The Five Levels of Taijiquan
by Chen Xiao Wang, translated and with additional commentary by Jan Silberstorff
$29.95, Softbound, 96 pages,

If you are thin-skinned you may find this book an indictment. It is meant to be a statement on the standards for judging one’s own progress in the art of Taijiquan. Chen Xiao Wang discusses those qualities which define each level of practice and eventual mastery. Basing everything on the writings of Chen Xiao Wang—one of Chen Taijiquan’s top teachers and his own instructor—Jan Silberstorff adds additional commentary to apply these levels to the normal evolution of Taiji skills. He clearly explains the differences in skill and training methods. He details the application of well known features such as Peng energy with commentary on its different features and refinements.

For some, if you take this too seriously and specifically it will be a deflating experience. Having dedicated a substantial portion of his life to this journey, Silberstorff is a determined and authoritative critic. This does not prevent the book from threatening to fall back across that shadow line where, by implication, everything WE are doing is right and everything THEY are doing is wrong. Sometimes this is truly the state of the art, but it can also be the result of over-active critical analysis, so critical is becomes less productive.



Chen TaiJiQuang Chen TaiJiQuangChen TaiJiQuang

Chen TaiJiQuangChen TaiJiQuangKC056-KC058, KC066, KC068 Chen's Tai Chi Series
Chen Zhen Lei, Translator/Editor Jack Yan
softbound, photographs
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This is a major contribution from Chen Zheng Lei and Jack Yan, especially if you are an aficionado of Chen style TaiJi. This four-part series, in which each volume stands alone is, at its core, a very detailed description of Taiji health movements, the two major forms of Old style and the two major forms created by Chen Fa Ke of the new style. Then a volume with four major weapons sets explained. Add to this the fact that each volume has its own supplementary text with an in-depth discussion of its topics. The translation is literate and intelligent and very clear. Jack Yan resolves translation problems that have been stumbling blocks for a long time. Of particular interest is the second volume which has over 100 pages on the deeper practices of Chen and how, once you have reached a certain level, to use these principles in your own practice. A bit pricey, but a solid presentation.

We now have DVDs to go with this series. Originally filmed a few years ago these well-known videos have been re-edited and narrated in English by Jack Yan.

Chen TaiJiQuang D22063 Lao Jia DVD:

This one gives an introduction, talks about Lao Jia (Old Frame), shows the postures and basics, then the entire form followed by breakdown instruction.

DVD, $29.95
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Chen TaiJiQuangD22062 Qi Gong and Health Routines DVD:

This DVD gives an introduction, talks about Chen Tai Chi health pomotion including Qigong, stregnth training and many exercises which help to give you the correct flavor of the Chen style.
DVD, $29.95
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Volume One: . gives general principles. Starts with warm ups, Chen style, then gives some special exercises for Chen. Next four methods of Qigong training. Then, a nicely constructed 18 move short set of selected postures. Finally, a new addition: Tai Chi Sword Essential 18 Form. 127 pages Quantity  
Volume One only, $19.95
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Volume Two: Contains Chen doing both of the "old frame" forms. Many pages of general theory in excellent English and clearly described. 394 pages.
Volume Two only, $39.95
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Volume Three: Has Chen performing both sets of the "new frame". Also discussions on the intersection of Tai Chi and Chinese medical theory (TCM).
Volume Three only, $39.95
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Volume Four: Shows single and double straight swords, single and double sabers, and double rods.
(Volume Four $39.95. Order any three for a 10%discount, discount taken at shopping cart)

Volume Five: Teaches Tai Chi spear, halberd (Kuan Knife), long pole and Push Hands. 301 pages.
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DVDs by Chen Zhen Lei
Chen Zhen Lei's DVD Lectures series

Chen TaiJiQuang KT006 Taijiquan Hand and Sword
Ren Guangyi & Stephen Berwick , forward by Kenneth Chung
photographs by Martin von Hasselburg
$24.95, Softbound, 229 pages,

The well known student of Chen Xiao Wang here demonstrates both the Lao Jia form but also the Chen style Tai Chi sword. Excellent pictures and an introduction by Lou Reed add elegance and interest to this book. There are over 1000 photos and the effect is that of an instructional DVD tying together Ren's strong form. Not a great deal of text but all of it poignant and interesting.



Chen TaiJiQuang

KO001 Old Frame Chen Family TaijiQuan
Mark Chen, forward by Kenneth Chung
$19.95 PLUM Price $17.95, Softbound, 243 pages, photographs

Mark Chen is a disciple of Chen Qingzhou, in fact with the status of "rumen" as a 20th generation inheritor. Chen is a good writer with a keen mind. Much of the information in this book is very useful. First, of course is the Lao Jia of Chen QingZhou ( in our opinion one of the best practitioners of Chen in its combat orientation) is broken down and shown. Mark Chen also has much to say about many topics and is not shy about saying it. He discusses intelligently such issues as why some sets are slow, some fast, fantasy Kung Fu, Push Hands (along with an instructional section) and more. His comments are intelligent if not sometimes condescending. His honest and incisive criticisms of some misunderstandings about Chen Taiji should interest all players of the art. His introduction alone brings up many interesting and well thought out points on practice and attaining skill. A good book.
See VCDS of Chen QingZhou.
DVDS of Chen QingZhou.



Chen TaiJiQuang

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KC005 Chen TaijiQuan
Chen Xiao Wang, Feng Zhi Qiang, & Feng Da Biao
$16.95, Softbound, 227 pages

This is a major book. It's been around a while but this is still one of the best books on Chen Style published in China. Two Chen style Taiji (T'ai Ch'i) sets with examples of self-defense applications. Short set performed by Chen Xiao-Wang. A fine introduction for those interested in Chen style. Demonstrations of usage and good English breakdowns along with some decent pages on theory. Topics include:
Names of the Forms in Road One

  • Diagrams of Attack-Defense in Road One
  • Names of Road Two
  • Diagrams of Attack-Defense in Road Two
  • Names of the postures in Chen 38 form TaiJi
  • Profiles of: Chen Fa-Ke, Feng Zhi-Qiang and Chen Xiao-Wang
  • See Chen Xiao Wang's DVD and English language VCD series