Rebirth of
Thunder Style
T'ai Chi Ch'uan

(Chen Family)

Adam Hsu

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The last great style developed by the Chen family was Thunder style. Adam Hsu had the luck to learn this rare and unseen version in Taiwan. On returning to mainland China he was told by all that it had disappeared and even the village of its origin no longer existed. But through persistence Adam Hsu found Thunder style, the village and the masters still practicing it. And now T'ai Chi enthusiasts throughout the world are investigating this unique final achievement of the creators of Chen T'ai Chi.

What makes Thunder style unique and applicable to ANY form of Kung Fu is its unique 10 level training system which divides the task of learning into ten discreet steps - a rare development for classical Chinese martial arts. The tape outlines these ten levels. It also contains:

Power issuing, a Thunder style specialty

Hu Lei Jia (Thunder Style) Linking Form     Lao Jia Set

Pure Thunder Style usage

Discovery and lineage of this rare form

Documentary footage of Wang Ge Dang, the village that created and preserved this style

Slow motion and angled repeats

About Adam Hsu: World renown as an acknowledged top level teacher and also scholar of the martial arts, Adam Hsu has the distinction of also being fully dedicated to their promotion. He has unflinchingly sacrificed to engender a deeper understanding of Chinese martial arts through his numerours books, articles and seminars. The head of the TWA (Traditional Wushu Association), Hsu Shihfu has played a major part in the preservation authentic Wushu skills.