Tiger Boxing is a favorite with many Kung Fu players. If you have ever tried any "animal fist" you already know why. Here is a range of Tiger Boxing books. The first three are from the very popular and influential Fu Jow Pai system.Then there is a Northern form and finally Tiger Boxing of the Beggar style. Read and roar.

Secrets of Shaolin Tiger Claw Kung Fu KS012 Secrets of Shaolin Tiger Claw Kung Fu
Bruce Duthie Ph.D
$11.95, 52 pages, illustrations, softbound, US

This little book, 52 pages, was written in 1987 by Bruce Duthie Ph.D. More of a collectible item than a solid source of significant information this descriptive text takes a few basic Tiger movements from the Hung Gar style, using the famous drawings of Lam Sai Wing, and discusses the usage and energetics of the Tiger actions in Hung Gar. Duthie studied Hung with John Loh and Mike Chan. Some of the short chapter headings include “Tiger Symbolism and Chinese Kung Fu”, “History of Tiger Kung F”, “Training Techniques and Equipment” and a few more. BY THE WAY, this book has a glossy black cover. Don't expect it to be flawless, not our fault.



Entering Fu Jow Pai Special Edition KN005 New York Zen
Tak Wah Eng

122 pages, Photographs and illustrations, softbound,

Think of this book more as a diary combined with an inspirational text (as though we don't need that once in a while, probably one of the most important things in the martial arts). Noted instructor Tak Wah Eng, and very helpful company, explore what it means to be dedicated to Kung Fu and mean it. Don't expect long chapters and a lot of instruction, this is more like a tour of a passion.

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Entering Fu Jow Pai Special Edition

KE007 Special offer: Entering the FU JOW PAI (collector's edition)
(Tiger Claw Kung Fu)
Tak Wah Eng
240 pages, Photographs, Hardbound/Signed

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This is a VERY LIMITED special editon (probably less than 100) of a beautiful hardback edition with Tak Wah Eng's own autograph in Chinese! We have very few of these in stock and, even if we can get more, the edition will not last long. This is exactly the same book as ETG96 below but with hardback cover and a clear autograph in black ink on the title page. This is a great collector's item from a universally recognized teacher and promoter of CMA. See softbound version below for more details. Also click picture.


Journey of a Martial Arts Master

KJ002 JOURNEY of a Martial Arts Master
Tak Wah Eng by Paula Wong
$22.95, 373 pages, photographs and illustrations, softbound,

This is truly a labor of love. Here is a compilationof photos, thoughts, experiences of someone who has essentially dedicated his life to Kung Fu. Tak Wah Eng, after more than four decades of living in the martial world, has won the respect of many practitioners. He has met and befriended some of the most famous practitioners. This book, with the help of Paula Wong, draws from personal collection of photographs, writing, group shots, memories and observations. It is like taking a Kung Fu weapon, such as a "precious sword" , hand and rolling it and examining it from many angles. The few typos and slips aside, this is a book that—while talking about one lifelong student— talks about many who share his JOURNEY.


Dragon Staff & Butterfly Knives

KD008 Dragon Staff & Butterfly Knives
Paul Koh
$9.99, 80 pages, Photographs, softbound,

Shih Fu Paul Koh is a student of Tak Wah Eng and therefore in the Black Tiger, Fu Jow lineage. This book demonstrates a Southern based set, created by Tak Wah Eng, that combines the Staff and the Butterfly knives. Each side is shown separately then the duet is shown. A slim but nicely laid out book.



Entering Fu Jow Pai

KE008 Entering the FU JOW PAI
(Tiger Claw Kung Fu)
Tak Wah Eng
$12.50; 240 pages, Photographs, softbound,

Fu Jow (Tiger Claw) style is one of the most vigorous and popular Kung Fu forms in the West. Derived in part from Hung Gar and Black Tiger style it is a Southern synthesis of solid, powerful techniques. Fu Jow stylists put a strong emphasis on applications and sparring. This volume gives history, applications, and Tiger Claw Road #1. Well photographed, clear and thorough.



Tiger in the Moonlight

KT034 Tiger in the Moonlight
Paul Koh

60 pages, Photographs, softbound,

Fu Jow (Tiger Claw) style is one of the hardiest and most popular Kung Fu forms in the West. Paul Koh's teacher, Tak Wah Eng, studied Fu Jow for many years. This is a small but beautifully done book on the system. It gives two hand forms and a matched set. Spenser Bagley did a great job in part by developing the photos to resemble old fashioned Kung Fu books. Really an outstanding effort quality wise. The forms are short and mostly shown through photos but the presentation is clear and concise.



Zan and the Way of the Fist

KZ001 ZEN and the Way of the Fist
Tak Wah Eng

Fu Jow (Tiger Claw) style is one of the most vigorous and popular Kung Fu forms in the West. But this is an unusual book because it is NOT Fu Jow but almost entirely Shaolin. It contains "photo essays" on Muscle Change Classic, Continuous Fist, Xiao Hong Quan, Extension Fist, Buddha Fist, Sun Fist, Seven Star Boxing and Shaolin Long Fist all given to Tak from Shi Guo Lin. This was originally Tak Wah Eng's note book and his attempt, as the subtitle proclaims, to create "The Master Collection of traditional Shaolin Kung Fu and Philosophy."
$19.99;   176 pages, Photographs, softbound,



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Shaolin BasicsKS032 Shaolin Martial Art Basic Exercise
by Tak Wah Eng
$6.50; 30+ pages, softbound

This small home-made pamphlet qualifies as a collector's item. It is Tak Wah's first book and an introduction to the Fu Jow system. A little collector's item of about 32 pages with illustrations and photographs this book introduced the Fu Jow to an unsuspecting world. The movements are nice and the applications are pretty good. We suspect that in the future these self produced booklets will be highly sought after because, in many instances, they record the hands on work of teachers and schools with no other goal than promoting their arts.


Shantung Black Tiger Boxing

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KS016 Shantung Black Tiger Kung Fu
A Shaolin Fighting art of Northern China
Tjoa Khek Kiong, Donn Draeger & Quinton Chambers
$17.95 ; 152 pages,

The first book in English for the centuries old Black Tiger Shantung style of Kung Fu. This volume provides a thorough introduction to every aspect of this beautiful art. Clearly written with nice layout, copious illustrations, more than 350 photos and over 100 drawings: this book is an invaluable manual for learning and understanding this remarkable fighting art.

This text, taken from an original native source, bears the stamp of Don Draeger and Chambers work. Done with pride and concern for the material this is one of the first authentic books on Kung Fu ever written in English. Draeger deserves our respect as demonstrating a kind of genius for preserving the intent and the organic integrity of each martial art he tried to record. A good book.



Shaolin Tiger BoxingKS023 Shaolin Tiger Boxing
by Xu Ri-Chao
$11.95; 103 pages, photographs, softbound,

A very interesting book giving a couple of examples of Tiger Style Kung Fu. But, even of more note, this Shaolin form is handed down through the Beggar's style. Not that many people are familiar with this authentic branch of the Kung Fu family that specializes in beggar's and wanderer's Kung Fu. But historical sources reveal that Beggar's Fist might be one of the main styles contributing to the birth of classical Karate in Okinawa. This book not only expounds the Tiger Fist with 57 postures but also an Arhat Northern Kung Fu form. A neat little book in English and Chinese so you can study you language along with your boxing.